With more than 4 lakh registered users already, Varun is on a mission to build India’s biggest online education institution

 Every great journey begins with one small step. Sometimes, drawing an analogy between every great journey and every great success is desirable. Behind every great success, there is a small crazy dream- a dream that allows the dreamer to appreciate the beauty of life. Dreams hitch our thoughts to unthinkable and unimaginable destinations. Dreams make us reach for success and prosperity. Blessed are those who conceive dreams and pursue them relentlessly and wholeheartedly.


Varun Saxena, founder of Career Anna is a blessed entrepreneur. Career Anna is a high-growth, complete test preparation “Career Commerce” platform that helps a career dreamer realize his/her career aspirations. Equipped with robust technology driven products, web and mobile platform, personalized mentoring, high quality IP-protected in-house content that can be accessed even with limited internet access. It is building a job-oriented Banking, Government and MBA focused community that brings together the aspirants, professionals, researchers, analysts and renowned professors under one umbrella with the aim of creating a healthy learning environment.

Career Anna is all set to channelize the effective amalgamation of technology, education and personalization and leveraging analytics, mobility and collaboration to deliver cost-effective learning solutions in an efficient manner.


About Varun Saxena

Success cannot be achieved in a single swoop. Success demands patience, perseverance and hard work. To transform dreams into reality, one must inculcate a habit of continual dedication. Dedicated and devoted, that is what Varun Saxena is when it comes to chasing dreams. Varun holds a B.Tech degree from a premier government institute. He completed every milestone in MBA from one of the country’s reputed colleges- NITIE Mumbai. He pursued Management in Marketing and Operations. Post that, he worked in Business Development of Wipro Technologies before starting Career Anna. He had been associated with multiple online education forums before starting Career Anna and hence he understands what the student needs when it comes to the Banking, Government Jobs and MBA exams. He has also authored couple of Books, one each on Banking and MBA preparation and with the love of students, one of them is among bestsellers at Flipkart.


The differentiating factor

In a remarkable interview with MyVenture, Varun Saxena said, “Career Anna is a thought that arose out of the passion and certain observations made while pursuing the same at other portals. Having been an integral part of multiple Bank Exam and MBA Preparation portals, I observed that no single platform addresses the entire career value chain with the extent of personalization, quality content and mentorship that is the need of the hour for any aspiring youth.”

Identification of this gap led to the genesis of Career Anna to serve as the ultimate one stop learning platform with effective amalgamation of technology, mobility, analytics, vernacular and social collaboration. A robust e-Learning platform combined with effective expert guidance is a breakthrough to overcoming challenges. Launching the platform around a year back, Career Anna brings to the table an effective amalgamation of Technology, Education and Personalization, strengthened by the pillars of quality, in-house built content, mobility, analytics, vernacular, customer engagement, social collaboration and mentorship.


Early days

Talking about the early days, he said “The name selection took a good amount of brainstorming and lot of arguments within our team. It was one of the most memorable days. We wanted a name which can have a connect with our customers as well as have the flavor of mentor/big brother who can be trusted for credible assistance and ‘Anna’ served these needs well and, today Career Anna is the name common in almost every city of the country which has even few aspiring youth in it dreaming for jobs in Banking, Government or Management sector.”


Dreams give meaning to your very existence

It is all about executing an action plan with a positive mindset even in dire adversities. Success is never served on a platter. Varun Saxena tasted success after toiling worse than Hercules. On the subject to taking the first step, Varun Saxena remarked, “It took us almost a year before we launched the platform commercially. All this while, we were into intense customer research, product development, engaging with all the key stakeholders of the career value chain and trying to ensure that the gaps identified by us are completely fixed by the products which we design. We did not want to launch commercial product in haste, but wanted to ensure that when we launch the product it must create a WOW factor in otherwise cluttered educational tech space. And we did achieve what we intend to. All of our first 3 products marked the beginning of disruption which we were about to introduce in educational tech space (focused on Banking, Government Jobs and MBA) and were coupled with unbelievable success rate of more than 98% for all our students. Since then, we have been learning and growing, and involving our customers as well in our adventurous journey.”

The backbone of Career Anna

It is the height of utilitarianism and emphasis on logic, reason and action make our dreams a reality. Herein lies the beauty of Career Anna’s team- They all believe in the epigram, “If you can dream it, you can achieve it.” The team brings in a vast experience of Banking, Government Jobs and MBA exams – with the total experience of team being more than 10 years. The common factor which brought them all together was not only the understanding of the students from varied exam segments, but also the passion to make learning effective and the experience awesome for students.

Ayushi Marwah, heads the Strategy and Alliances for the organization. She brings with her the experience of working with global educational institutes like Princeton Review as well as has worked earlier with top companies like Cipla and Ranbaxy. The Technology lead comes from IIT Delhi and brings in the experience of working with multiple technologies driven startups with the experience in both web and mobile applications. He is supported by a team of in-house senior developers who bring with them the experience of working earlier with different startups. Moving to Product Management, Subhankar brings in the experience of working with top offline institutes like TIME and has been a consistent high scorer himself in different exams.

In addition to the above, Career Anna has a strong in house content team – which consists of people who are either the PhDs from top Universities or have more than 3-4 years of experience in quality content development. Last but not the least, the team has a strong pool of mentors with us who ensure that each and every doubt of every student is resolved in the lead time of 3-4 hours.

A person’s hard work and productive hours define his merit. Eventually, it is this meritocracy that defines his destiny. On the supposed subject of number of productive hours he spends to ensure fulfillment of his entrepreneurial dreams and fuller, vibrant life, Varun Saxena humorously replied, “Well, if i had to count hours i am investing in the startup, probably, I should not be running it. Just like when you are in love, you do not count the hours spent with your girlfriend/wife, when you are passionate about the startup; you do not count the time you spend working on it. It is a baby for you and you can work 24 x 7 to nurture and it becomes slightly easier to do it, if you are still single. (smiles) But yes, taking out time for hobbies such as long drives, movies, socializing, writing, music is always refreshing and rejuvenating.”

Statistics that speak for Career Anna

  • More than 4,00,000 registered users
  • More than 15,000 regular visits every day
  • Partnership with educational institutes at PAN India level
  • Time spent per user per day on site: 17.11 minute. This is highest across educational tech space
  • Daily Page views per user: 10.9. This is highest across educational tech space
  • Bounce Rate – Mere 27%
  • Alexa India – 3247

With a new course enrollment happening every 6 minutes, a new student registering every 2 minutes, every third customer coming through a referral, more than 53% of the users coming through mobile and revenue increasing exponentially month-on-month, Career Anna is marching towards consolidating the leaders position in the target segment of Banking and Government Jobs, which makes 35% of the total Online Test Prep in India.

The Future Plans

Career Anna is on a mission to make India’s youth more employable and hand-hold them to achieve their dream careers. Its vision is to be India’s biggest Online Education Institution in next 5 years, coaching India’s youth in achieving their dream jobs. Varun Saxena sounds optimistic and affirmatively remarks, “With the perfect mix of technology, experience and customer engagement, Career Anna will be India’s biggest Online Education Institution in next 5 years, coaching India’s youth in achieving their dream jobs. For now, I believe Career Anna and I are synonymous and taking Career Anna to its vision of 5 years down the line is where I see myself.”

Team MyVenture whole-heartedly wishes Career Anna greater success in the upcoming years.

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