Why startups should invest in digital marketing?

digital marketing for startups

It shouldn’t be an exaggeration if I claim that we are all living in a digital world. From this perspective, startups should have an impressive presence in the digital space. While there is no denying that the startup segment is booming with erudite and ingenious ideas, it should be kept in the mind that the competition is also soaring to new heights. When many brilliant minds are plunging into the entrepreneurial arena, it is crucial for smart entrepreneurs to be heard and noticed.  So what is the need of the hour? Digital marketing it is! Convictions of digital marketers should burn as brightly as ever. Not embracing digital marketing is similar to a wholehearted embrace of victimhood.

Here are a few reasons why digital marketing for startups is important:

Startups have so many problems that more often than not, it can get overwhelming at times to address each and every concern. One of the various problems that startups often face is the lack of a dedicated budget for marketing. Digital marketing is so economical that you don’t require any dedicated funds or budget to manage your digital presence. There are many free tools that help you manage your Twitter profile, Facebook profile, blogs etc. You don’t require a $1 million to manage your email marketing campaigns and social media campaigns. Depending on your target customers’ base, you may require premium services of popular email marketing services such as MailChimp, ConstantContract etc.

Data analytics:

Thanks to digital marketing, everything is trackable and measurable. Google analytics, KISSmetrics and CrazyEgg are the widely used tools that track user engagement and HTTP traffic. They project the areas that require your attention and provide insights on how to grab the attention of target audiences. Google Website Optimizer is another such tool that optimizes your website and helps you with coding and website development.

Brand visibility:

One of the chief purposes of digital marketing is to keep your brand’s reputation alive by leveraging social media channels, blogs and internet forums until your brand gains media visibility and becomes the cynosure of your target audiences’ eyes. If you succeed in creating viral content and project yourself as an unparalleled thought-leader of digital era, brand visibility will definitely be on the cards.

Road to future:

Digital marketing for your startup can drive conversions. It collates a roll of honor of global startups that have carved a niche for themselves. Digital marketing helps you understand the psyche of global audiences. It is digital marketing that takes your venture’s local presence to the global trajectory.

Relish the sweetness of digital marketing. Oh yes! Do read my article on what exactly digital marketing signifies.

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