Why is it important for marketers to be more authentic and show the people behind the brand?

Marketers should be predictably swift in inspiring customers with their marketing campaigns and strategies. We would like to sound profoundly prescient and vocab about the fig leaf of ‘Customer attachment’ as it is this fig leaf which decides the ebb and flow of any company. It is important for marketers to be authentic as customers can create some era-defining moments. The moment marketers stay authentic, they directly or indirectly indulge in creating a few patterns that imprint emotional identity and bonding that becomes inseparable from the so-called customer attachment patterns.



Well, let us tip our hats to the reputed British Airways that has found an echo to its catchy slogan ‘To fly, to serve’. British Airways has been flying to India for over 90 years and currently operates 49 flights a week from London Heathrow to five cities – New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bengaluru and Hyderabad. In this heartwarming video that adds dimension to its magnificent and tremendously significant ‘deep bonding’ and ‘Fuelled by Love’ behavior with its Indian customers, British Airways offers the crispest yet the most impactful definition of what it takes to strike a chord with its customers. The old lady (in the video) thanks the crew member (Helena) for ‘journey of a life-time’ experience.



Business Lessons

In this ultra-competitive world where the behavior of corporates and bigwigs is simply beyond the pale, British Airways throws some glorious insights on ‘How to truthfully win customers?’

Love your customers and they will love you back. There has to be a sense of mutual respect.

It is important to understand the nuances of ‘How to learn’. Otherwise, it wounds the person we love. For example, the crew member (Helena) understood the preferences of the old Indian lady and asked if she would like to watch a movie. Had the crew member been indifferent, it would have been another non-inspiring and run-of-the-mill story.

Continue the legacy. Throughout its formative years and subsequent years of attachment with India and its Indian customers, British Airways has been modeled by and cultivated with-in ‘Fuelled by Love’ expected behavioral lines. The video bespeaks this statement that is amenable to test.

  Create such experiences where customers are invariably engulfed with the spirited feeling that they have indeed opted for the best choice. To quote a point, the crew member did not hesitate to help the old lady fasten her seat-belt.

Again, ‘Videos’ are excellent promotional tools. Use videos to testify your claim that you do not need celebrities to endorse your brand. Express your solidarity wholeheartedly and customers will help you achieve your worldly ambitions.

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