Why hiring a freelancer is sometimes better than hiring an employee?

Let me begin my thoughts with an inspiring quote – “Happiness and success in business I have discovered, are nearly always a rebound from hard work.” At the very outset, it becomes imperative to emphasize that whether you hire a freelancer or an employee, it is only the hard work that is going to yield rich dividends.

In this age of freedom, democracy and vaunted technology, if one wishes to do justice to one’s role as a freelancer, one should be truly versatile. As a freelancer, you have an important job and one of infinite variety. Before deciding the kind of staff required for performing a particular task, one must weigh the pros and cons.

  • Savings and no baggage: By hiring a freelancer, an employer need not incur any additional expenses. An employer may save his office-equipment, electricity and employer-provided benefits. In addition, if an employer hires an employee, he ends up paying compensation insurance, contribution to provident fund and other allowances. Thus, they can save around 25% of the payroll costs.
  • Flexibility: More often than not, freelancers are bound to be versatile and energetic. They have an expertise in their area of work. As a consequence, one need not train them. However, an employee has to be trained and his/her performance levels have to be periodically assessed. To do away with the trauma of firings and layoffs, a freelancer is your best bet.
  • Do away with the lawsuits: Employees enjoy the privilege of various state and federal laws. Any violation in any of these laws could potentially raise legal issues.
  • Payment: Many a freelancer agree to ‘pay per hour’ or ‘pay per project.’ Based on the specified skill sets, one may approach several freelancers on various portals and cherry-pick the truly deserving.
  • The best of both worlds: More often than not, companies focus on client interaction. To meet the expectation of clients and rise to the occasion, one may assign a part of a project to a freelancer while the other part of the project may be assigned to an employee. To quote an example, one may hire a freelance blogger to ensure top notch quality content. A mutual consensus on ‘pay per article’ or ‘pay per post’ or ‘pay per every 100 words’  is mandatory. A few pages of documentation describing the clauses of Non-Disclosure agreement is also essential. Website development may be assigned to a potential employee.
  • Project timing: Training the employees to enhance their technical acumen incurs a lot of cost. If you fail to unleash the repertoire of an employee, then he/she becomes a liability. Thus based on the complexity and timings of the projects, one may hire a freelancer or a team of freelancers and bask under the sun.

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To wrap it up, it is impossible to impart all the knowledge to employees and make them perfect. To all intents and purposes, hiring a freelancer is better if you have a task that needs to be performed occasionally and that requires no further training. Your budget and the scope of projects should rule your heart to dictate the activity of hiring a freelancer or an employee. Carry forward the legacy and baton of magic!

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