Why Digital Marketing is important for startups and How to do it right?

The preponderance of innovation in technology is eventually rendering the world digital. To rise above the mundane and exude confidence, more often than not, startups should move heaven and earth. Digital marketing resonates with the idea- Wisdom in words and hero in deeds! To reap the rewards of digital marketing, one must never leave the things to chance. Without much ado, let me define digital marketing- Digital marketing may defined as an organizational function that extensively deals with strategies to engage customers with online advertising. To deliver promising content, value and manage customer relationships, digital marketing establishes an ongoing, automated relationship between brands and their audience. Many a time, digital marketers incorporate blogs and social media elements in their websites to intensify web traffic. Computers, tablets, smartphones and gaming consoles play an indispensable role in digital marketing.


importance of digital marketing for startups

The two popular buzzwords ruling the roost are Pull Digital marketing and Push Digital Marketing. Pull Digital marketing is characterized by consumers actively seeking marketing content. Consumers might use diverse avenues such as search engines, email newsletters, text messaging, or web feeds to solicit brand information. Push Digital marketing is best targeted at consumer demographics. It is a digital marketing practice in which marketers send informative messages and emails without the consent of the recipients. Websites, blogs and streaming media- a mélange of audio and video are examples of pull digital marketing avenues. Building online communities on related social media sites such as Facebook and YouTube is another pull marketing gambit to enhance the prospects. Here are 5 reasons to enfold digital marketing:

  • Cost Effective: Digital ads are typically more cost effective than standard orthodox marketing campaigns.
  • Personal Messaging: Digital marketing allows brands to specify the exact target demographic for each and every ad in a campaign.
  • Easily measured and customized: Depending on the performance of digital marketing campaigns, one may fine-tune the campaigns and take the initiatives proportionately.
  • Mobile accessibility: Smartphones are dime a dozen and their omnipresence has prompted the world to go digital.
  • Viral value: Brands that constantly post captivating content on social media channels like Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest are able to earn the appreciation of customers.



Doing it the right way:

Maintaining a website is an essential part of having a successful business run today. However, a lackluster website is never enough to compete in today’s digital world. Here are a few integral elements of a successful and effective digital marketing gambits:

  • Importance of SEO based websites: While the official website of an organization cannot be the totality of an effective marketing plan, it is an integral part of it. A well designed website should comprise optimized themes and captivating content to grab the attention of customers.
  • Social Media Marketing: To strike a chord with customers, one must regularly post fascinating content on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ and Instagram. To hire potential employees, LinkedIn is a commendatory avenue. No matter the genre of social media, the ultimate goal is to enhance market penetration and market share.
  • Content Marketing: This is essentially a long term plan. To harness the online power of customers, plan the content development initiatives accordingly.
  • Mobile Marketing: The fastest growing segment of digital marketing is perhaps mobile marketing. The key to tap the potential of mobile marketing is to understand the leveraging skills involved in designing mobile optimized website, applications and ads.

The legacy of ignorance of digital marketing is a scandal. Rather than being driven into the state of oblivion, it is better to try one’s hands at digital marketing. It shall result in a dramatic culmination of high held aspirations but always in the affirmative!

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