Why buyer personas are important for businesses

In most of my articles, I had eloquently articulated the importance of video marketing and video making. Let me now supplement all my informative write-ups with a comprehensive note on ‘Buyer Personas’.  If I am not mistaken, it was in the year 1999 that Alan Cooper had introduced the concept of user personas.  Before delving deep into the details, let me just define the following few terms for you:


Persona is a very short description of an archetypical customer. It goes without saying that all ‘archetypical customers’ are fictitious. Personas provide immense clarity on your intended audience and intended goals. Now that I have thrown some light on ‘Persona’, let me define ‘buyer persona’ for you.image-2

Buyer Persona

According to The Buyer Persona Manifesto, a buyer persona is “an archetype, composite picture of the real people who buy, or might buy, products like the ones you sell.”

Importance of Buyer Personas

Better customer-retention strategies

Marketing is a guessing game. You never know what strategy draws the attention of your target audience and what doesn’t. More often than not, buying patterns change and hence, it all boils down to devising better customer strategies. Buyer personas help you take into consideration both qualitative and quantitative parameters.

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Alignment with buyers

One parameter that impedes relationships with customers is ‘language’. To overcome such language barriers, it is imperative to develop a common language and a communication platform where focus shall be on helping buyers and fulfilling their desires.

Better Content Sharing

Well, your content may be keyword-rich yet it is undoubtedly the customers who are going to buy your products. So, it is imperative to understand your customers first and subsequently focus on writing content that is relevant. The more relevant your content is, the more shares it will attract.

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Better Ranking on Search Engines

If you share quality content that is in line with your buyer personas, it will fetch a lot of Up-votes on social networking platforms. This will eventually lead to better ranking on various search engines.

Buyer Personas help you target your global audiences

Buying Personas ensure perfection in the work. They leave little room for errors and help you target global audiences.

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