What NOT to Post on Social Media

Social media platforms have been the spine of several successful ventures. That the reputed social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat etc. provide a welcome fillip in the businesses is undeniable. Just as it is always better to have loved your audiences and to have been loved by your target audiences, one should never compromise on privacy. Needless to say, privacy has become a rarity. Importantly, privacy is a necessity.  So, here is a very brief run-down on ‘What not to post on social media’:Social-Media-Marketing

  1. Sensitive Content: Your target audiences go reportedly furious if you post sensitive content. For example, if you post content that is offensive or blasphemous, religious groups will trade peace for savagery. Stay away from posting content that invites anger, flak and tongue-lashing.
  2. Home address: It is unlikely that you will be posting the complete home address with PIN code. However, I recommend not to post “Checking in” and “geo-tagging” snaps. Whenever you create geo-tags for your Instagram snaps, cranks may instantly find out your location. Only for business purposes, you may publish your office address.
  3. Relationship issues: Do not air your dirty laundry in public. Do not vent out your anger on your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend by unsociably cussing on Twitter, Facebook etc. It is better to firm up all good intentions and spread the good word. Relationship issues are personal. Do not jeopardize your plans of projecting yourself as a thought leader by messing up your social media profiles.
  4.   Private snaps: Stay away from nudes and private snaps. Social media platforms are bedrocks of balance. If you want to share a memory, write a status or post a snap that perfectly dovetails with social networking etiquette.
  5. Personal finance information: Well, you may not be posting content such as “ I have US $XXX in my XXXX account.” However, by posting content such as, “Our venture trades with XXX Financial Corporation”, “We have XY.Z % stake in XXX venture” often create a chaos on social media profiles. Your social media followers may get to know a great deal about your personal finances.
  6. Passwords: Would you reveal your ATM PIN? Likewise, you should never ever reveal passwords. No matter what, nobody can be trusted. ‘Trust’ and ‘faith’ have become obscure concepts.

To sum it up, people develop an allergic reaction to the very mention of plagiarized content. So, stay away from unusual contentions and confrontations. Keep watching this space for insights….Cheers!

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