What motivates an individual to join a startup?

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Assume that you have graduated recently from a reputed college. You are fortunate enough to have two strings to your bow- a corporate job with a heavy package and a job offer from a start-up with a decent package. You may not enjoy the feeling of being coerced into something you aren’t sure about. Your mind is in a sticky situation. Startup or corporate job? Using common sense, of course, stretch yourself to new limit in terms of your ‘decision making’ skills. Here are the factors that motivates an individual to join a startup:

  1. Ability to take calculated risk:

Yes, there is an element of unpredictability in startups. Don’t be surprised if the startup isn’t profitable. You will learn the ability to take calculated risks from the founders and co-founders of startup. Startups focus on building something productive from nothing. This is the key take-away. If you want to learn from scratch, there is no better place than a startup with an awesome product.

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  1. Responsibility:

Startups bring not just a lot of insightful talk but also a lot of busywork. Don’t be surprised if your days are taken up with filling out forms, filing and the like. Work is going to positively affect and impact your house of institutions. So, you’re likely to solidify a long-held dream, even if it isn’t easy in coming. You’ll grow to like and even appreciate the parts that seem dull, repetitive, tedious or just plain and annoying. You will be responsible for the delegated tasks.  As long as you try your hands at the right thing, you will not be held responsible for the dire consequences.


  1. Work Culture:

Whether a fellow employee has requested for help directly or not, co-employees in the startup offer a supportive hand. Encouraging colleagues in the time of need is inherent in any startup. Down the road, you are likely to offer help and receive help. Apart from that, you will get accustomed to best business practices. Celebration of personal milestones- be it a birthday or a marriage anniversary, you are likely to appreciate everything. In a corporate, politics are omnipresent at each every level of hierarchy. There is a limited scope or zero scope for politics in a startup.

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  1. Opportunities:

At first, it may seem that startups offer limited opportunities. This is more of a myth than a reality. In a potential startup, you can explore, reach out and expand your mind to the far corners of your world and beyond. There is no need to restrict yourself to parochial thinking. You can take your time and enjoy the clouds. You can try your hands at latest technologies- For instance, if your startup requires a website, rather than relying on age old technologies, go for JQuery and other advanced technologies. For digital marketers, there is no better place than a startup to learn latest digital marketing techniques.

  1. Financial incentives:

In terms of monthly paycheck, you are likely to receive slightly lesser than your pay at a corporate. However, here is the catch- Your ownership and equity are much bigger. If the startup has 10-20 employees, you are likely to get a bigger share. Equity has a profound meaning. There are a few cases in which the first 10 employees may get a lion’s share, while the remaining may end up getting a decent share. Equity depends on the size of the startup.

The answer for the question ‘Startup vs corporate?’ is ‘Yes for startup.’ Join a startup-Be relentless, stay informed and be in the pursuit of your wildest dreams!

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