What makes a Good Logo ??

Building an innovative company logo is one of the vital steps in building a successful brand for your business. The logo will be the piece that carves out a memorable part of your business in the customers mind once they start associating your company with the logo. It should be powerful, distinctive and easy to spot at glance.

Let’s have a look at some of the popular BRANDS with a simple yet effective logos:

ü NIKE: After almost working for 17.5 hours, Carolyn Davidson created the ‘Swoosh’, one of the leading brand logos in the sports merchandise. Such a simple logo with a powerful impact, made her quite popular amongst the students of design and professionals in the field. For her services, the company gifted her 500 shares of Nike Stock (almost worth $643.035), and she has never sold any.  In 1995, Nike began using the stand-alone Swoosh as its corporate logo as a form of rebranding, and continues to use it that way today.

ü APPLE: It all began with a fruit! The Apple logo is one of the most famous logos in the world. It is admired for its simplicity and many meanings that people attach to it. Apple fans not only love to show it off by means of putting up the logo on their vehicles, but also go to the extent of getting inked with it. Rob Janoff, the man behind the creation of the logo of Apple, originally presented two versions of the logo. One with and one without the bite. Fortunately, Steve Jobs, went with the one that gave it the most personality with the BITE. For 30 years it has been unchanged and is expected to remain so for another 30 years, before anything drastic will be done to it.

ü VOLKSWAGEN: It is one of the most memorable and innovative logos in the history, with company’s initials – a “V” placed over a “W” – and both these letters interacting superbly with each other. It was originally designed in 1938 and underwent significant modifications in 1996 and 2000. These letters are surrounded by a circle of the same line weight, which maintains the perfect amount of “air” in the negative spaces so as to retain legibility, clarity and effectiveness. The current slogan of the company, “Das Auto.”, is also placed under the emblem.

ü MTV: Created by Manhattan Design, a design collaborative comprising of Pat Gorman, Frank Olinsky and Patty Rogoff, which was overseen by Fred Seibirt, the network’s in-house creative director. The imaginative letter “M” was actually an illustration by Rogoff. Carrying the effort forward, Olinksky spray painted the “TV”. Several variations have been made in the logo with respect to color schemes, patterns, etc., however the general shape has remained unchanged.


The visual nature of logo makes it a powerful tool for any business. Studies have shown that people recognize and relate to images faster than text.

Your brand is about what people say when you’re not in the room. Be smart enough to choose the right one.

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