What is inbound marketing and how it can increase your sales

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Inbound marketing is all about creating content and sharing the content with all your target audiences. To share content with all your target audiences, you can make use of Social Media channels, blogs, videos and various other forms of content marketing such as e-books, podcasts etc. It all boils down to promoting your content through several cost-effective avenues. Search Engine Optimization forms an integral part of inbound marketing. Here is how inbound marketing can increase your sales:

Increases lead capture rate

Whenever you provide highly insightful content to your target audiences, they appreciate and more often than not, they will be willing to share their contact information such as name and email address. They will be in touch with you and soon, they all become your followers. You thus become an influencer.

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Educate your prospects

Inbound marketing can be used to educate your prospects. Inbound marketing should be used to guide customers in the right direction. For example, many people in India misinterpreted the notion of Facebook’s free basics initiative and expressed their approval. However, many of the noted alumni of IITs and IIMs explained what’s profoundly wrong with the initiative and educated the people of India. Soon, TRAI expressed its disapproval on Free Basics initiative of Facebook.

Repeat Sales

Once you have gained enough traction, you have to focus on existing customers. Inbound marketing will let you focus on regular customers by engaging and reengaging them and converts them into your brand advocates.

Reputation Management

Inbound marketing solidifies and enhances your reputation. You can send feedback forms to your customers and improve your repertoire of services being offered. Your legion of followers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media channels can spread the good word and enhance your brand’s reputation.

Search Engine Page Rankings

Inbound marketing enhances your website rankings and hence, your website becomes more and more visible to your customers. Search Engine Optimization is all about adding relevant keywords, meta tags, excellent and catchy page titles, URLs etc.

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