What is co-working and why it is catching up in India?

An entrepreneur’s heart is most likely where he wants it to be rather than where it ought to be. Very often, an entrepreneur finds himself easily distracted and suddenly, everybody else’s business seems more important. Gossip around his workplace may be running wild and as a result, things may backfire and not work as expected. This is the case with several freelancers as well. To obviate such course of events and litany of complaints, office vibes should certainly be the one that enable an entrepreneur to flourish and take advantage of. Meetings with fellow employees and co-founders should proceed well. Co-working offers a solution to such problems.

While working at home, freelancers may experience solitude. Solitude is a boon in disguise. However, it may backfire as a freelancer may fail to appraise a particular situation in the correct way. To obtain a right perspective, a professional co-working community is required.  Sometimes, entrepreneurs who haven’t embarked on any ventures tickle their grey cells to come up with some important business pointers. While home is undoubtedly a very good place, expecting family members to stay calm will never do a world of good.  Co-working communities come to their rescue. Co-working communities allow them to concentrate and focus on the work at hand.


Co-working is all about sharing common professional workspace with freelancers, regular commuters and independent contractors. These people may or may not be the workforce of the same organization. However, they share the same work environment but not work. In other words, they will be minding their own business in ‘everybody’s office’. There are many benefits of co-working. Freelancers can do away with their isolation. They can make some elbow rooms for themselves. Despite laboring worse than Hercules, there’s going to be plenty of socializing and enjoying at every opportunity. Friendships are going to have a profound impact on the ideas of freelancers and entrepreneurs. A nice time with other employees is bound to relieve all the stress. The beauty of co-working will deliver much of the happiness. It imparts a consummate sense of freedom and the ability to go anywhere both in thoughts and deeds.

91Springboard at Delhi and Gurgaon, 9JCM at Gurgaon, Bangalore Alpha Lab at Bangalore, Bangalore Co-working Hub at Bangalore, Bombay Connect are the most popular ventures that are into the business of co-working spaces. More often than not, co-working spaces have 24×7 access to internet. Also, tea, coffee, pantry, cafeteria etc. are available. One can benefit tremendously form the co-working spaces which is a unique experience in itself. What all one has to do is to draft a schedule and implement the same.

You have sound business ideas, creativity, passion and an amazing co-working space. Why not embrace a professional co-working style in quest of excellence? It will all work out just fine!

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