What has changed in Internet Marketing and how you can take advantage of the changes?

Change is the only thing that is constant in our lives. Life doesn’t run according our whims and fancies. I strongly believe that change is not just an intellectual boon or an aesthetic privilege; it is undoubtedly an ethical necessity. In this article, I would like to detail out ‘What has changed in Internet Marketing and how you can take advantage of the changes?’

  • Four Es have replaced the Four Ps: Thanks to higher internet penetration and round the clock internet access, marketing is no longer solely about Product, Place, Price and Promotion. It is about the four Es- Experience, Everywhere, Exchange and Evangelism.
  • People have changed: Customers no longer stay passive. Thanks to the presence of umpteen brands, customers have become the script writers of brands’ destiny. If you are expecting customers to reach you on help-line numbers and raise their concerns, your notion is a logical fallacy. It is your responsibility to regularly solicit the feedback and come up with growth hacking strategies. Customers no longer consider themselves to be the target audiences of various brands. They consider themselves to be the king makers.
  • Driving your leads: Traditional marketing was all about a world in which, quite beautifully, nothing was outcast or abandoned. If a customer is not satisfied with the quality of products of a particular brand, he had not enough avenues to raise his dissent. However, due to the presence of various internet forums and dedicated message boards, a single bad review may throw the brand’s reputation into a dither. So, if you have to drive your leads, play by the rules of the game.
  • Reach: It often used to take months and years to make a product viral. Now it just takes a couple of minutes to popularize the product with a lot of hype. Quite clearly, products can be marketed on a global scale and hence, the so called ‘reach’ is one of the many quiddities that have changed.
  • Marketing tools have changed: It is no longer about only one-one demonstrations. It is majorly about leveraging social media platforms to generate leads to your business. Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Blogs etc. have become indispensable. And yes! It is no longer about plain content but is definitely something about infographic content. Videos help you cement your place in the hearts and minds of your target audiences…sorry, king makers…:)


How can you take advantage of the changes?

You have to first familiarize yourself with the various social media channels. My previous articles on the following topics will definitely answer the question- How can you take advantage of the changes?

    Keep reading our blog for updates and insights. Cheers!

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