What entrepreneurs can learn from Shradha Sharma, founder of YourStory

There aren’t many entrepreneurs who break the conventional mode of thinking and embrace the radical innovation. An entrepreneur who has taken the road less travelled is a rare species. Shradha Sharma, founder of YourStory is a rare species. She is indeed the Elon Musk of entrepreneurship fraternity. Team MyVenture brings to you the profile of a highly successful entrepreneur, who has come a long way in the arena of entrepreneurship. Her venture, YourStory stands for a promise and exists for a purpose beyond just topline and bottom line growth. She set the ball rolling by challenging the status quo. is India’s no.1 media platform for entrepreneurs, dedicated to passionately championing and promoting entrepreneurial ecosystem in India. (Source:


Here is what entrepreneurs can learn from Shradha Sharma, founder of YourStory:

1.       Make your choice:

Life is a harried race where nothing is absolute. To achieve preposterous goals, one has to make tough choices. Shradha Sharma opted for a tough choice. Many opined that a venture covering the stories of entrepreneurs cannot become a commercial success.  However, she listened to her heart and made it big.

2.       Stay relentless:

Entrepreneurship is a rat race where only the determined, dedicated and dutiful survive. At times, Shradha Sharma questioned herself and the credibility of her venture. However, she found spots of solace by keeping the action plan simple- She did what Einstein asked us to do “Learn the rules of the game and then play it better than anyone else.” Her relentless efforts yielded rich dividends.  In August 2015, YourStory completed seven fruitful years.

3.       A tribute to alma mater:

Underprepared and overconfident, this is what most B-schoolers are. After graduating from B-Schools, many think of themselves as the ‘Cream of the crop’. In actuality, being good isn’t good enough. It is all about being better. Shradha Sharma stood up for what is right and is continually channelizing her endeavors to take her venture to the next level. Her alma mater, MICA-Ahmedabad stands for deep-rooted, cultured and erudite thoughts.

4.       Belief in karma:

Life is enmeshed deep within our lives where circumstances are closely entwined. We are all gifted with imperfections. Burgeoning expectations have made us all selfish. Being selfish is not necessarily the only way to begin. A strong belief in karma gives us all a window to our thought process. Having faced the rapacious corporate world, Shradha Sharma quipped, “I believe in good karma. I have seen good gestures being returned 100 fold, if not more. I have seen many entrepreneurs change and I have tried very hard not to (helped by my team who I can always rely on to bring me back to earth). But having said that, I know that everything around me will keep changing. As long as I can feel my ‘centeredness’ – acutely, deeply and vehemently, I know I will be fine. (Source:”

5.       Live your experiences:

Sometimes, mistakes in our lives become unpardonable. Quite clearly, the prevailing ‘war for being the supreme’ will leave us with encumbrances where the road ahead seems replete with hindrances. The incessant struggle to meet the seemingly insurmountable deadlines and delusive expectations will never be an easy one. Shradha Sharma reveals the most startling secret- “Live your experiences. Learn from good and bad. Your career will never be decides by an ugly spat, a heated argument or a disagreeing opinion. It depends on how you take life.”

For budding entrepreneurs equipped with unduly theoretical knowledge and markedly low practical exposure, Shradha Sharma’s success story provides food for thought.

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