What are some of the biggest challenges of running your own business

From ignominy to dignity, embarking on an entrepreneurial pursuit is undoubtedly challenging. Maintenance and sustenance of business is more challenging. The key is to find discipline to understand and streamline entrepreneurial thoughts and remain effective. More often than not, an entrepreneur’s journey will be rocked by stormy controversies and seemingly insurmountable challenges. Done and dusted, a longing for glory and a desperation writ seem to occupy the minds of entrepreneurs. It could feel like that forces from above are forcing them to do everything against their will. Likewise, as an entrepreneur, there is every danger that you may shoot yourself in the foot by being the master of your own undoing.

Here are some of the biggest challenges of running your own business:

  1. Money:

No doubt, entrepreneurs find comfort in the work they do. Although it may sound ridiculous, not all entrepreneurs are well versed with the principles of money management. Relying on venture capitalists and angel brokers has become the order of the day. There is power in knowing about the various sources of finance but it is not always easy to steer forward without sound financial backing. A forceful and an erratic approach is not a perfect method to win the hearts of investors. Rather, one must follow the advice of experts and embrace the truth-“Expect no profits for the first two years.”


  1. Time:

More often than not, a frequent cause of frustration among many potential employers is the failure of young and inexperienced employees in performing the delegated tasks with due diligence and perfection. This is because the young employees are blissfully ignorant of the importance of time. As a consequence, employers become peeved. Even the rulers of ancient Greece were cognizant of the fact that men tire themselves relentlessly under the ignorance of not being on time. Punctuality is not only imperative but also a courtesy that is much appreciated.


  1. Recruiting skilled personnel:

While recruiting job aspirants, recruiters should hire passionate and skilled individuals. If it were for otherwise, they turn out to be a liability and not an asset. It behooves on entrepreneurs and employers to impart necessary corporate and entrepreneurial skills in them.

  1. Marketing:

One must incorporate jaw-dropping and result oriented marketing strategies. Very often, market research analysts rely on digital marketing, Social Media Marketing and Word-Of-Mouth marketing. Digital marketing is radically changing the way businesses operate. You don’t need to use a sledgehammer to crack a nut, nor do you need to use strong means to bring about revolutionary results. What all you need is a perfect market plan and ‘know-how’ of marketing. Unhappily, not many entrepreneurs are performance driven when it comes to marketing.


  1. Tapping Customer Base:

Grabbing the attention of target audience is never an easy task. To relish the delicacy of success in this domain, an entrepreneur should keep this simple fact in mind-‘No pains, no gains.’ So, when you go through a lot of turmoil and toil hard for your company’s recognition or startup’s fame, the rewards are definitely going to be fruitful. However, this takes a lot of time and patience.

Persist in your endeavors and you are sure to succeed. Surmount the aforementioned biggest challenges of running your own business and let your entrepreneurial side shine bright. Wear the wackiest smile on your face!

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