WeLoveHiring, the SaaS based startup aims at providing the Next Generation Recruitment Experience !

It is rightly believed that workforce population of any fast progressing country like India is its biggest asset. As a matter of fact, the white collar workforce of a country makes the most coveted human resource. India is undoubtedly one of the fastest growing economies in the world. It is soon expected to surpass China and establish itself as the fastest growing economy. Needless to say, the workforce power of this country is very high. The question however is- Is the workforce coming out of the comfort zone and acquiring all the necessary industry related skills? Are the recruiters able to hire truly potential candidates?

About WeLoveHiring

The crux of the matter is that Indian workforce is still struggling to find its true stand. Recruiters aren’t completely satisfied with Indian workforce and more often than not, they end up taking bad hire decisions. A bad hire drains not only energy and time but also the valuable resources of the organization. WeLoveHiring bridges the gap between candidates/job seekers and organizations requirements. WeLoveHiring, a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) based platform provides not only recruitment based training/assessments but also helps job seekers at each and every stage of strategic job search. Launched in January 2015, It has been started with the intention of solving the key challenges faced by employers in hiring the best talent with required skill and then retaining them further.


After successfully running Youngaze, an off line 3+ years community aimed at grooming young and raw talented individuals on life skills aimed at preparing them for colleges and work environment, Shristhi Choudhary, founder of WeLoveHiring experienced the necessity of leveraging technology towards improving education vis-à-vis employment opportunities. WeLoveHiring was thus born to utilize the experience of industry veterans towards empowering Jobseekers and preparing them for industry needs and requirements.


Trust your gut, not your fear

Shrishti Chaudhary believes in “Trust your gut, not your fear.” She trusted her efforts and took the first step in turning her idea into action. Talking about the adversities she faced throughout her journey, she said, “It is difficult to change the stereotypes pertaining to tech women entrepreneurs. Indian ecosystem is quite supportive but finding right associates and mentors is still a big challenge especially in INDIA. Without a strong professional network, it becomes difficult to find right target audiences who will connect and help you in your endeavors.”

Three Pronged Strategy

WeLoveHiring has received rave reviews from its users for tutoring candidates on live projects. ‘Hands-on’ industry oriented project training is its USP. Talking about the three pronged strategy, Shristi Chaudhary, founder of this venture said, “Organization key focus is on talent engagement (attracting and hiring right talent) and talent management (retaining and up-skilling existing workforce). Majority of the budget is diverted towards hiring and training of workforce. Human capital is the biggest investment and backbone of any organization. Workforce helps to propel the organization towards its strategic objective. It is thus tapping this ever-growing job market by aiding organizations nurture their talent right from day one of on-boarding through three pronged strategy of extensive focus on

  1. Students
  2. Job seekers
  3. Organizations

Currently, we are organizing seminars in colleges. We are also meeting jobseekers at career fairs and organizations from startup ecosystem and through our referral network.”

Business Model

It works on pay-per use model and has many advantages such as Pay per use, anytime/anywhere accessibility, Pay as you go, Instant scalability, security, reliability and many more. Using the platform, users or employees can get the certification by completing designated courses, learning plans, or approved external activities. The platform is still in development phase and aims to target employers and organizations globally, especially startups & SMEs.

About Founder and her attitudinal overhauling towards Women



Shrishti Choudhary has an impressive persona. She is an IT Engineering scholar who believes in Eat | Sleep | Code philosophy. She has a technically sound mind. She firmly appreciates Tech Women Entrepreneurs and believes in changing the globally prevalent stereotypes obstructing the acceptance and acknowledgement of Tech Women Entrepreneurs. She hugely acknowledges the power of learning and collaborating everyday as she says “Together We Can bring Innovation & Change even in Worst Scenarios“. A confident smile on her team members’ face makes her day. She dreams everyday about the ideas she wants to innovate as she says “One should never stop dreaming to make it really happen”. She considers Entrepreneurship to be her religion which she practices every day sans any holidays. Whenever she gets leisure time, she trains working professionals & teaches students.

Vision and Mission

No one is wise by birth. Wisdom is the result of one’s own efforts. Cynics feel secure in the drudgery of a visionless and uni-dimensional perception. On the other hand, wise entrepreneurs like Shristi Choudhary look at things as they ought to be and not as they are. Talking about her venture’s vision and mission she remarked, “WeLoveHiring’s vision is to be India’s leading skill development and hiring platform thereby empowering organizations in terms of recruitment and training and mission is to make INDIA as the hub of talented global workforce. We see ourselves as pioneers in hiring and training pursuits .We are here to encourage startups, candidates and job-seekers, not only in domestics markets but also in international market. Sooner or later, we shall be reaching 50K organizations, 5lakhs job seekers thereby covering more than 50 universities annually.”

Advice to Entrepreneurs- You may delay, but time will not!

Here is the advice to all entrepreneurs in Shristi Choudhary’s own words, “Stop Planning, start executing! Better Starting small than not starting at all! As an entrepreneur, I personally feel that one needs to delegate tasks to team members in a systematic and disciplined manner. Perfection is a myth. It is always about delivering results on time.”

Our Advice

Entrepreneurship is genius dressed in professional clothes. Strong observation, genuine perception and great judgment skills make entrepreneurs street smart. Read the success stories featured on our website and stay motivated!

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