Ways to look beyond resume to hire employees for your startup

Most of the job applicants are well versed with the purpose of a resume. No second thought, the purpose of a resume is to fetch the applicants a call from the recruiting team. So, serious job applicants pay supreme attention to detail. They try their hands, rack their brains and come up with the best draft of a potential resume. The traditional methods of hiring and filtering candidates may not yield substantial results. With the constantly evolving trends and corporate drifts, recruiters have to look beyond resume to hire potential employees. Here are a few ways to look beyond resume to hire employees for your startup:

  1. Pay attention to their online presence:

While it is not uncommon for many job applicants to have LinkedIn profiles, it is uncommon for them to be active on social media channels such as Facebook and twitter. Also, check if they are active members of any groups or communities. For example, if you are looking for a Malware analyst, scout out the various groups and communities in which the candidate/applicant is active. However, do not filter the applicants based on their online presence. It is like taking a dip in icy water.


  1. Academic and non-academic:

As per a survey, more than 75% of the truly deserving applicants work as part timers to add some vigor to their pittance. One can clearly discover that the part time jobs are in no way related to their academic pursuits. Some work as tuition teachers while a few work as content developers. So, there is something appreciable beyond the well drafted resumes. Applicants with part time pursuits master time management skills and decision making skills. So, it is better for the recruiters to include a separate section in the job application to comprehend the part time pursuits of the applicants.


  1. Do away with the traditional interview:

To many recruiters, interview is something associated with an applicant’s resume, a few hypothetical questions, formal conversations, a book and a pen. Rather than asking the same age old traditional questions, ask something out of the blue. Ask the applicant about his/her source of motivation. Dive into the details of his/her visionary views. Examine his/her ability to meet deadlines. Ask the applicant to be more specific about his/her perspectives on various relevant topics.


  1. Hands-on:

Before selecting any potential applicant, assign a mini-project or a task. Do not be too judgmental but assess his quest for learning. Prod into action and give him a piece of advice. If he turns out to be a quick learner, he is the desired guy. So, hands-on assessment and training evince better results.


  1. Qualities to look for:

Any potential job seeker who has the right blend of talent, positive outlook, accountability and entrepreneurial spirit should be hired. It is important for the recruiters to hire applicants who are willing to work for a long term. So, devise your hiring strategies accordingly.


So, the next time you are thinking about recruiting or hiring candidates, think beyond the traditional ways and look beyond the resume.

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