Now transfer funds through facebook via Kotak Mahindra’s KayPay

Seeing the potential in Social Media , Kotak Mahindra Bank recently launched a  facebook fund transfer platform KAYPAY.


It is an innovative application that enables facebook users  to transfer money to their Facebook friend, whether their friend have an account with Kotak or not. With KayPay Kotak has become the first Indian bank to launch a facebook based fund transfer platform.The best thing about this platform is that a user need not depend on net banking or have to know the details of the payee(the person to whom the funds are remitted). The only requirement is that the payee should be on your facebook friend list.

How does it work ?

Transferring money has never been so easy.All you need to do is register on KAYPAY using your facebook account and follow these simple steps

  1. Select a friend from your Facebook list, to whom you wish to transfer the money

  2. Select your account from which you want to transfer funds.

  3. Enter the desired amount

  4. You can choose to add a message for your friend

  5. Enter the One Time Password

  6. Confirm the transaction

As of now anyone can use KAYPAY, provided you have an account with one of the following banks which have enabled IMPS person to merchant pull service


The daily and monthly transfer limits are as follows.


For Sender(in Rs)

For Recipient (in Rs)







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