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“Some people have lives; some people have music.”  this quote quite aptly describes our guests today, founders of Tommy Jams, Parth Saxena and Nikhil Kapur.These two young entreprenuers have bought together the two biggest passions of today’s generation i.e. Technology and music …..sounds interesting isn’t it ?? lets see how they do it .

Tell us a little bit about “TommyJams”.

TommyJams builds a functional community of artists, venues and fans like never before. We revolutionize live entertainment through innovative technology.We provide flexible, transparent and scalable web/mobile solutions through which venues book the right artists, artists crowd-fund to tour across cities/countries and the city audience gets to attend the most suitable events on-the-go.

We incubated at Stanford University’s Venture Lab, accelerated at the Microsoft Ventures Accelerator as one of India’s top 10 technology startups and are now building a global presence with the Startup Chile program as one the world’s top 100 ventures. Our upcoming mobile technology is supported by AppCampus Finland, a Microsoft and Nokia collaboration.

What inspired the creation of “TommyJams”?

Nikhil and I have known each other for over 8 years now. We were batch-mates at Delhi College of Engineering. Over all these years, we have worked together on several technology projects, including our thesis project with DFKI, Germany. After university, we graduated to work with Microsoft and Texas Instruments. Apart from building technology, our interest also lied in exploring music and live entertainment.

So, one fine day, the idea of TommyJams struck us. That’s when we both quit our jobs to pursue building the company. Our motivation was to combine two of our dearest passions – technology and music.

What is your target audience and why?

At TommyJams, we target all kinds of artists (musicians, bands, DJs, dance groups, theatre groups etc.) and venues (bars, pubs, restaurants, hotels, festivals, campuses, corporates etc.) to come together. To add to that, we target people residing in the metropolitan regions to stay updated with and attend the best events happening in their city on-the-go.We initially targeted the Indian market and are now making sincere efforts to scale to a global level.

What is unique about your company ?

Our unique selling point is to deliver flexibility, transparency and scalability in the live entertainment industry through the use of technology.

TommyJams builds and supports a flexible yet credible community of artists, venues and fans, where booking and attending performances across cities/countries is made as easy as possible, through user-friendly web/mobile technology. Using this platform, venues launch their events on-line and book interested artists to perform, in just a few seconds, and fans stay tuned with all the events happening in their city and get closer to their favourite artists and venues.

The availability of such a credible platform helps artists to discover events beyond their limited personal contacts and helps venues to invite a much more diverse set of artists from different cities/countries to perform live at their events. Fans get to stay updated with all the events happening in their city and engage themselves in these events through our web/mobile technology. The money transactions are made transparent between the artists and venues, without any engagement of middlemen (event agencies/promoters). The credibility of our artists, venues and events is tracked well with the information (feedback, ratings etc.) we collect on our systems and the analysis we do with that information. This leads to fine quality events handled in an organized and structured manner.

What problem does your company solve ?

The live entertainment industry in India (and around other parts of the world) is based only on personal networks. The event-agencies are scattered and segmented due to geographical constraints. This limits the scope of performances, and holds back artists from getting new venues and performing across different cities/countries. Also, due to lack of professionalism, many artists don’t receive their due payment on time. There is a lack of transparency in the money flow, and a large part of the allocated budget is absorbed by the middle-men (event agencies/promoters). This imposes pressure on the artists, making it difficult for them to earn a livelihood through their art.

Who are the founders and key team members ?


Founders:Parth Saxena,Nikhil Kapur


Key team members: Arpit Goyal, Shravan Sridhar, Abhijit Joshi, Nandan Mylavarapu





What relevant domain experience do they have ?

Technology Development (Web/Mobile/Cloud), System Architecture, Design, Business Development, Business Strategy, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Artist Management


To build a functional community of artists, venues and fans using innovative technology that impacts the world for the better.


What is your greatest competitive advantage?

The way in which we combine technology with music and infuse it into the live entertainment industry.

What has been your most effective marketing technique?

We do not focus on marketing. In fact, so far we have not allocated any budget for that. We believe in doing good work and our efforts speak through people we work with and channels like yours to reach more people.

What outsiders have been most important to your business (eg. Mentors, bankers etc.)

– People/Mentors from Stanford University’s Venture Lab, Microsoft Ventures and Startup Chile

– People we work with: Artists, Venue managers, City audience

– Family and friends for morally supporting us and living through our ups and downs .

What is your advice to young entrepreneurs starting today?

– Have a purpose/meaning in your startup that you are passionate about and build a culture around it. Don’t startup for the sake of starting up.

– Put your head down and work hard every day.

– Don’t lose heart in the dark times. Ups and downs are part of every startup.

– Don’t get too excited when you achieve a milestone. It’s a long journey ahead and you’ve got to sustain sanity.

– Value the people you work with and the people who support you.

– Enjoy the experience of risk-taking. It will help you grow as a person over time.

How has been your journey so far as an entrepreneur?

Incredible. We have succeeded many times. We have faced and overcome many challenges. And we have survived to learn that both, successes and challenges, keep coming and going.

Where do you see yourself and your venture 5 years from now?

If all goes well, I see TommyJams building a credible and consistent presence in the metropolitan areas of some of the biggest live entertainment economies around the world, where our technology facilitates the flow and exchange of live music and art across cultural and geographical boundaries

If you wish to get in touch with them click here


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