Tips to hook up your audience while giving a presentation


A presentation, if you see it in an undertone, is just another form of communication. You have to impart information comprising of facts, statistics and multimedia to the person(s) listening to you. The way you present a topic reflects the way you present yourself to the world. If you fail to grab your audience’s attention, your entire efforts would go down a drain. It is too easy to bore someone, what needs talent is to engage them and captivate them throughout.


  • Ask questions
    Always maintain an eye contact. Engage the audience and encourage them to communicate with each other. Refer to them by their names, if possible. People love attention and recognition. Give them real life situations and scenarios to imagine, in reference with your topic. Ask questions and drag them to be a part of the presentation.
  • Keep a surprising element
    Do the unexpected. Get personal with them and develop a connection. Incorporate case studies. You can narrate your personal life experiences. Surely it is a bit difficult to be open in a public gathering, but getting the topic started on a personal level may win you appreciation and keep the audience hooked. There must be a connection between the presentation and the topic. Know your potential audience and pick a topic accordingly. Include diversions to keep the heat on.


  • Give examples and stories

    Impart information in the form of stories, using them as a framework for much larger and prominent issues. Give them something to think about. Take your audience into the past and the future. Refer to past/historical incidents and future prospects.

    And who doesn’t love storytelling? The story should be brief and in just the right amount. Quote movies, plays and books. Use catchy phrases and proverbs.

  • Create a comfortable atmosphere

    The introduction is the most vital part. If you’re able to retain people’s attention for the first two minutes, consider half of the work done! Hit the ground and start strong. Maintain a chain of thoughts and work your presentation along that idea, with a few diversions. Crack a joke, make puns and exhibit a sense of humor. To make your points count, give them a little some to retain their attention and attention.


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