This startup is eyeing at the 1 trillion INR Indian wellness industry

Entrepreneurship is a journey on a ship.  Sometimes, it is about sailing on unexplored waters.
There are ebbs and flows, crests and troughs.  An entrepreneur has to be astute and his tactics should be impactful to outweigh the adversities. The winner today is the person who can make the most of a dysfunctional and difficult situation, not the person who succumbs to adversities.

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Kamal Gulati, founder and director of The Makeoverz is one of such winners. He has become the brains in demand in the arena of entrepreneurship.  He pushed his venture to the limit to make sure that his authority goes unquestioned. His commitment is laudable.

The Makeoverz is an online directory to the salons, spas, makeup artists, skin centers, gyms, fitness studios, personal trainers and dieticians based in Delhi NCR. It is an online platform that gives its customers a chance to know some very essential but basic information about clients. In addition, it gives its customers a chance to express their views and provide ratings, so that their experience is pleasant from the very first step to the last. The Makeoverz provides genuine information, actual pictures, rate lists and offers. It is worth mentioning that this venture has around 2000 vendors listed on its website.

In a nation riddled with entrepreneurial conundrums, entrepreneurs become successful only if they position themselves for leadership in the knowledge based economies of the entrepreneurial era. To position themselves, enterprising ideas are the need of the hour. Kamal Gulati came up with this enterprising idea in 2013.

In a sensational interview with Myventure, the vibrant looking founder quipped, “It was about November 2013 when I thought about Zomato and its success. How the company reached the heights just by providing the pictures and menu of the food outlets around us. Beauty & Fitness was the industry which lacked information. So it struck me that how convenient it would be for people if somebody could just provide the information like rate lists and pictures about salons, spas & gyms. I talked to some friends and they told me that a portal like this should exist. So, I visited a couple of salons with a friend and told them that we needed information about their salon to list them on our website.

They got excited and told us that they want to get featured. That research was enough for me to work on it. The name “The Makeoverz” came into my mind because the website was providing a direction for people to work towards their Beauty and Fitness. Our website will change the outlook towards the conventional methods for choosing beauty destination.”

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His idea proved to be comforting and substantial. Besides the entrepreneurial dynamism associated with his ideology, his winning streak took a kick-start only after he broke the forth wall of adversities with zentangles. Talking about his entrepreneurial journey, Kamal remarked, “On January 7th, 2014, I employed a Business Development Manager who worked from home for me. We made a plan of collecting data by approaching high end brands first. We got our
website created through a company and launched it on March 25th, 2014. Our website had 250-300 listings of salons, spas & gyms. I then hired interns for data collection but it didn’t work out like it was supposed to. I had to outsource it to a company which helped me in collecting the data. Now, my website was launched, data was collected, someone had to put it up there on the website. I worked alone, day and night, to upload data on my website. It was too much work for a single person to handle. Then, I again hired an intern for one month but this time to
update the data. It was around July when makeup artists started approaching me. This made me realize that there are people who do not have their own studios but are freelancers seeking a platform like this to get recognition for their work. Then, I thought of making Skin Centers as a separate category. Fitness Studios came out of Gyms and Trainers. Dietitians were added. 7 being my lucky number, I expanded my categories to 7. Now it was Salon, Spa, Skin Centers, Makeup Artists, Gym, Fitness Studios, and Trainers & Dietitians. Around October and November, I got to know about funding of websites. Rather remaining as an entrepreneurial backwater, I decided to go that extra edge, and rise to occasion. I made this part time work, my full time job in January 2015. From January 2015 to August 2015, our daily users grew from 60 to 500. Our Alexa ranking (India) was 75,000 in July and is 13,000 today.”

Kamal isn’t expecting any windfall gains. However, he sounds optimistic. He is all set to emerge in credit. He spends around 75 productive hours to make his venture-the next big thing. He is
complemented by his passionate team members: Ambuj Rawat, Nitika Bawa, Kuldeep Kaur, Jot
Singh, Diksha Batra. Here is his team composition:

SEO Manager

Mr. Ambuj Rawat is responsible for coordinating and implementing SEO & SMO strategies for clients. He possess exceptional attention to detail, and has outstanding interpersonal skills.

Client Relationship Manager (CRM)

Ms. Nitika Bawa maintains the company’s relation with the merchants. Nitika has a strong understanding of the company’s services and updates data for existing clients, as well as pursue new clientele opportunities.

Customer Service Representative (CSR)

Mrs. Kuldeep Kaur is the intermediary between the company and its users. She telephonically offers deals provided by the merchants to our users & simultaneously increases the company’s market base. Her role is essentially to attract the users and convince them to go through our website.

Data Collector

Mr. Jot Singh personally visits the site (Salons, Spas & Gyms) and collects relevant information that is further updates on our website. His role is vital for the company as the information provided with him is viewed to our users.

Content Writer/Blogger (Intern)

Ms. Diksha Batra,Tanya Sharma, Anjali Sharma, Sagrika Adhikari  are  part time helping hands for the company as they efficiently write blogs related to Beauty & Fitness to engage our target audience.

Business Development Manager

Ankur Soni– He meets our Vendors personally to fetch their Best Deals which we can sell on our website.

Creative Graphic Designer

Pawan Singh
– He is responsible for Creating Design solutions that have a high visual impact.

What is thus, the key takeaway from the founder of TheMakeoverz is that, he has ensured and is constantly attempting to transform his venture into India’s next big thing. Entrepreneurship is innately challenging yet rewarding. It is like drops of insights on the parched soul of human race, which awakens it to its sense of tireless endeavors and unparalleled ventures.
To all our readers and aspiring entrepreneurs, team Myventure wishes
the very best for the tough road ahead!

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