This startup aims to provide a solution to rising daily commute woes

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In this hi-tech world, most of the things work with just a click. People prefer easy and short methods to sustain themselves. Today we present to you another interesting story. It is about the trio – Parth, Vipin and Chintan who have unraveled one of the major issues faced by all. They run the ToGo app, which forms route-based social groups/ communities of trustworthy people. Their aim is to make carpooling an alternative means of transport, just like taxi/bus/train. With rising issues such as pollution, lack of parking space, traffic congestion on roads, etc. the world needs some permanent and sustainable solution.

More about the ToGo App

Togo App

ToGo is the world’s 1st community based carpooling mobile app, with a WhatsApp group like chat interface for carpoolers to interact with each other. Even before a commuter connects with a fellow co-traveller, the app’s fare calculator provides a fare estimate based on the number of kilometers common to both co-travellers. With it, car owners can share fuel cost, while co-travelers can travel at low cost. Currently, the ToGo app is available only on Google Play Store. Travel with your office colleagues or travel with women only (only for females) are some of the vibrant options.

How did this idea flash?

To this, co-founder Parth unfolded his yarn as – “My landlord in Mumbai allowed me to use his car for daily office commute, I drove to office for first couple of days, but finding a parking spot was getting harder each day. Eventually I was forced to shun the idea of taking my own car. Somehow for next 4 years I managed to juggle between traveling via taxis, trains and autos to office. Trains are also getting over-crowded day after day. Traffic jams and pollution are increasing. What could be the solution? “Carpooling”, uttered my EY colleague and co-founder Vipin over a casual coffee conversation. Hence, a couple of months down the line, we launched ‘Together We Go (ToGo)’ – an intra-city carpooling mobile app for daily office commute.”

Springing in the world of Startups!

Was it difficult to pitch in or easy? Let’s find the answer from Parth, “Well, once we had decided that we want to launch a carpooling mobile app, it wasn’t very time consuming to form a company and get started. The most time consuming and difficult exercise was fine tuning based on customers feedback. Another challenge was to reach the magical number of 5,000 downloads. Getting the first user and first ride was difficult! We needed a critical mass to kick start the product. And we believe that we have successfully achieved that critical mass!”

Journey so far and upcoming picture

On asking about the trek hitherto, co-founder responded positively, “Oh, it has been full of ups and downs! But there is definitely a lot to learn. All in all, it has been fun, and we think its only going to get better from here on.”
In due course of time, plans are must to move progressively. Here is it’s blueprint as ajarred by Parth, “Our short term target is more than 100 rides per day in Mumbai, post which we will go for another round of funding to expand into other cities in India.”

ToGo’s Unit
ToGo Team

Team ToGo during a marketing campaign with the famous Dabbawalas

It is a team of tech enthusiasts who want to make travel easier, greener, cheaper and safer! Parth Patel and his co-founder, Chintan Pandya are 2011 passouts from IIT-Delhi and IIT-Kanpur respectively. Both of them hail from Baroda, where they used to study together for the IIT entrance exam.
Parth met Vipin at EY, where they used to work together as Management Consultants. After 4 years of work experience, the trio of these three got together to launch ‘Together We Go’ carpooling mobile app – with an aim to provide a solution to rising daily commute woes.

Statistics Corner

Within 5 weeks of the launch, ToGo’s social network of carpoolers reached over 5,000 users in Mumbai. More than 300 ride requests are being sent daily, with around 25 rides per day. It is believed that as more commuters join route based groups daily, the probability of finding a suitable co-traveler will increase exponentially.

Guide to guild

Parth shared a deep advice in a few words, “Don’t give up on your idea, if you believe that it caters to a need in the market. There will be many ups and downs – but good things will start happening eventually. Just do the“karma”, results will follow.

Take up the challenges. “Don’t be reluctant of getting your hands dirty. Be prepared to do all kinds of stuff, from company’s incorporation, hiring, technical, road side marketing, surveying, etc. – everything!” added the co-founder.

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