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In India, there is no dearth of out-of-box entrepreneurs who prefer exploring uncharted territories. Those were the days when entrepreneurial thoughts, especially ideas more or less related to movies and entertainment were deemed over-the-top. In other words, the very idea of a startup based on Indian movies and entertainment seemed undue. However, as the days passed, Indian entrepreneurs ferreted out promising and exciting times in the arena of Bollywood entertainment and movies. A new exciting dawn awaits Bollywoodirect, an entertainment based startup.

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Bollywoodirect is an entertainment based website created to cherish the glorious history of Indian cinema. The website is replete with discerning articles and information about the Indian cinema and its related elements. This venture is all set to create a glorious community where Bollywood lovers go gung ho. With Bollywoodirect getting movie aficionados to craft top-notch content, it is only time the articles get viral. With Prakash and Lalit Chaudhary spearheading the power-packed venture, Bollywoodirect is hot to trot.

Riding high on the positive response and motivation, Bollywoodirect started Social media marketing of movies and Film festivals. Till now, the startup has partnered with movies like After The Third Bell, Kya Dilli Kya Lahore, Coffee Bloom, Leeches, Barefoot to Goa, Gour Hari Dastaan and film festivals such as Dharmshala International Film Festival, Shaan-e-Awadh International Film Festival and Mosaic International South Asian Film Festival, Canada. Besides these, Bollywoodirect was also one of the partners of TEDx SIBM Bengaluru, 2015.

Entrepreneurship is like a double-edged sword. No matter which side you are on, your limitless love for it is bound to prick you. This is clearly evident in Lalit Chaudhary’s stand-winding remarks, Bollywoodirect is a dream, which we see with our eyes open and with each step forward, we are extending our known limits.”. As avid followers of cinema, we were always curious to know about the things which are not projected on silver screen. Although there are lots of websites dedicated to cinema, nothing is mentioned about the golden and glorious past of Indian cinema, which set the base of film industry and made cinema industry a value generator for economy. The basic idea was to write about the past events of the Bollywood and other world class movies. We try to connect the dots of present happenings and prospects. We started a Facebook page “Bollywood Direct” and we got quite a good response and support. Then we started exploring the various social media channels. We zeroed in on to the idea of creating the present website and embarked on this entrepreneurial journey. The name “Bollywoodirect” was chosen as “Bollywooddirect” domain was not available.”


Lalit Chaudhary said that his venture was initially in a state of bother. However, they successfully outdid the hardships by banking on their technical prowess and ideological acumen. He asserts that the idea was not to indulge in any unethical stratagem but to believe in two simple witticisms, “Where there’s a will there is a way. When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it.”

He also mentions humbly that Bollywoodirect believes in publishing content that raises intellect and curiosity rather than publishing some nonsensical gibberish. Going further, he thanks his team members for their monumental efforts. Here is the team composition:

Apurv Nagpal – (Ex- MD of SaReGaMa and Author of Bestseller “Eighteen Plus”) – Marketing and Strategy

Lalit Chaudhary – (MBA from SIBM. Bengaluru) Communications and Operations

Prakash Singh – (MBA From Frankfurt University, working in Adidas)- Strategy and Projects

Vinay Chaudhary – IT Operations

Advisory Board:

Ajay Govind– Filmmaker & founder of Sisyphus Rocks Films

Elena Kazan– Actress

Divya Prakash Dubey– Author of 2 hindi best sellers(Masala Chai, Terms & Conditions Apply) & Marketing manager, Idea Cellular

Thanks to the determination and monumental efforts of the team, Bollywoodirect now has a following which could be envied by its very best competitors. Lalit spends around 40 significant man-hours per week to take his venture to the next level.

Vision and mission are two crucial entities of entrepreneurial matrix. While vision is associated with running the venture efficiently and ensuring development, mission is associated with nurturing and improving the future of the venture-its members who are the spine of the venture. If both these entities go hand-in-hand, the venture will surge ahead harmoniously. Lalit jubilantly expressed his vision of molding his venture into a leading one-stop website on Bollywood catering 360 degree marketing solution & market leader in Crowd funding & crowd sourcing. Talking about the mission, he expressed, “In order to realize our vision, we need to

  • Create the biggest platform for cinema Bloggers.
  • Extend the film marketing services horizontally and vertically.
  • Be the foremost name in cinema Crowd funding and sourcing.”

Before drawing the curtain close, Lalit enlightens entrepreneurs with his few words of counsel, “Passion and positive attitude go a long way in helping true entrepreneurs reap the rewards of their efforts. If you are passionate about the work you are doing and have a critical mind, you will take all the setbacks positively and come back stronger every time.”

Team MyVenture, the team of sharp-witted entrepreneurs believes in observing, comprehending and analyzing such startup stories. Let us know your thoughts 🙂




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