Things to keep in mind if you are a sales guy

Many entrepreneurs do not understand the finer lines of difference between marketing and sales. Marketing and Sales are intricately related to each other. Both are necessary to raise revenue. However, marketing is a long term pursuit while the other is a short term pursuit. Most importantly, marketing of a product becomes easier once the product gains traction. To persuade the customers and successfully sell the product, one must have a dedicated sales team. Making sales is usually a one-to-one business activity. Marketing on the other hand is never confined. The scope of marketing is seemingly much broader than that of sales.

Without any further delay, let me illuminate the importance of a sales guy with the witty saying of W. Clement Stone- “Sales are contingent upon the attitude of the salesman-Not upon the attitude of prospect.”   In the scheme of business activities, it becomes imperative to keep the following things in mind if you are a sales guy:

  1. Complacency: A strict no!

Remember, success always brings with it a danger of complacency. The sales volumes and figures may be astonishing and confidence boosting, but there should never be any grounds for complacency. Do not fall prey to complacency.

  1. Try to change their perspective:

If customers pay scant respect to your product, try your best to change their perspectives. Try to win their hearts by paying attention to their concerns. Justify your intentions and be honest. By being honest, you can win their trust and rebuild a concrete relationship.


  1. Be articulate:

Do not stumble. Eloquently express your sales pitch. Make them understand the features of your product. Voice your product’s USP.

  1. Add a dash of humor:

Lighten up the vibes by adding a dash of humor to your conversation. Do not act desperate. Do not give them a chance to negotiate. Laugh and make your customer laugh. Close the deal with a smile on your face.

  1. Improve and improvise:

Despite your best attempts, you might have failed to make an impact on your customers. Your customer might not have found your product appealing. In such scenarios, do not let the disappointment get the better of you. Introspect yourself. There is always a scope for learning from your mistakes.

  1. Accept criticism with a smile:

It is not uncommon to see customers firing salvos. Sometimes, they go the extra mile and leave no chance of humiliating you and your team. Just have a thick skin and take all the criticism with a smile.

The next time you are thinking about meeting your sales targets and impressing your customers, keep the aforementioned things in mind.

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