These Indian startups have gone beyond innovation

I am always amazed at the ingenuity of Indian startups. Truth be told, many of the Indian startups have gone beyond the innovation. Today, I take this opportunity to bring to your knowledge the following five startups that are poised to revolutionize the Indian startup era of constant emergence.

  1. Practo: Founded by Abhinav Lal and Shashank ND in the year 2008, Practo features over 200,000 medical professionals and effectively handles over 10 million searches per month. Practo is into Care Delivery and Management niche. Practo’s platform allows doctors to reach their target patients. It encourages doctors to offer online consultations to all registered patients. Practo stands in good stead in as many as 35 Indian cities. With aggressive marketing strategies and feasible growth plans, Practo wishes to carve a niche for itself in 100 Indian cities in the near future.innovation-1
  2. Lybrate: Founded by Saurabh Arora in the year 2013, Lybrate does its best to address care accessibility through telemedicine and transparency. Lybrate is into Care Delivery and Management niche. Lybrate has as many as 80,000 registered doctors on its platform. Patients have to register themselves on the platform and pay the fee for live consultation accordingly. The fee charged by one doctor may differ from that charged by another doctor. Transparency has always been the trademark of Lybrate. It is transparency that has transformed its occasional patients into regular customers.innovation-2
  3. Live Health: This startup, just like the aforementioned startups is into Care Delivery and Management niche. Founded by Sanket Savia, Abhimanyu Bhosle, and Mukund Malani in the year 2013, Live Health aggregates the details of patients such as medical records, health reports, test results etc.  By storing such data, patients may conveniently access their respective reports thereby enabling doctors to spend more face time with patients. Doctors can view the reports of patients and give medical advice and prescribe required medicines.innovation-3
  4. RHL Vision Technologies: This is a Kochi based startup founded in 2012. This startup is into wearable niche. RHL Vision Technologies develops wearable called Fin that are Bluetooth enabled. Fin allows users to control any kind of smart devices just by moving his/her thumb. For example, you can switch on/off your TV, change the channels, share your snaps and control your AC system inside the car.innovation-4
  5. Ineda Systems: This is a Hyderabad based startup that is into wearable niche. Ineda systems develops IP chips for Internet of Things (IoT) market. Founded by Balaji Kanigicherla in the year 2010, Ineda systems secured a funding of $17 million in a series B round from Walden-Riverwood Ventures, Samsung Catalyst Fund, Qualcomm Ventures, IndusAge Partners and Imagination Technologies.innovation-5

Keep watching this space for further updates….:)

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