These highly active investors are aggressively looking to invest in your startup

The purpose of empyrean dictates of entrepreneurship is to trade the finite for the infinite. Entrepreneurs are known for being passionate about all things that are genuine. The so called ‘genuine things’ are far more legitimate than some forgotten pursuits. Less knowledgeable guys are lost for words when entrepreneurs succeed in their genuine pursuits. More often than not, entrepreneurs get themselves into a pretty pickle due to the absence of adequate capital, funds and other monetary resources. In this article, I bring to your attention the names of highly active investors who are aggressively looking to invest in startups.

  • Sharad Sharma: Sharad Sharma is known for his investments in technology based startups. Sharad Sharma was the CEO of Yahoo India R&D. He is always on the quivive for investing in meritorious startups. Donning the hat of a technical evangelist, Sharad mentors startups and finds solace in voicing his views on industry issues. He co-founded iSPIRT: Indian Software Product Industry Round Table to guide budding entrepreneurs. He graduated from Delhi College of Engineering in Electrical Engineering. He invested in various startups such as Frrole, Mobilewalla, HashCube, Druva Software, Kwench Library Solution, Vayavya Labs, Unbxd, Consure Medical, Aurus Network Infotech Pvt. Ltd



  • Rajan Anandan: Rajan Anandan worked as the Managing Director of Microsoft India for 2 years. After his brief stint with Dell India from 2006 to 2008 as a director, Rajan Anandan went on to become Vice President and Managing Director of Google India. In the year 2014, he invested in as many as 14 startups. He invests in internet, mobile and SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) based startups. Rajan Anandan graduated from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and then post graduated from Stanford University. He invested in startups such as StepOut, Capillary Technologies, Sourceeasy, 24/7 Techies,TargetingMantra, Instamojo, CultureAlley, Social Cops,,, Mobilewalla,


  • Krishnan Ganesh: Krishnan Ganesh is a busy business executive who is entitled to amazing views on entrepreneurship. That he is the CEO of TutorVista, an online tutoring company is an inevitable outcome of his passion for ‘being the boss.’ After graduating from Delhi College of Engineering, Krishnan Ganesh went to earn an MBA degree from Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta. Every year, he invests $25k-$250 in at-least 5 startups. He invested in startups such as Must See India, SilverPush, HackerEarth, Oximity, Overcart, Browntape,,


  • Anupam Mittal: Anupam Mittal is the Chief Executive Officer and founder of online matrimonial service portal He has more than 20 investments to his name. He graduated from Boston College. This argus-eyed angel investor owns real estate portal and mobiles and applications company Mauj Mobile. In addition, he is the founder of People Group venture. He invested in startups such, Olacabs, PrettySecrets, Sapience, Druva Software, Zepo, Peelworks, Taxspanner, Cafe Zoe, Interactive Avenues.


  • Kunal Bahl: It is a busy life for Kunal Bahl, the celebrated CEO and founder of Snapdeal. Kunal has invested in several startups such as Tiny Owl, Tripoto, Bewakoof, Gigstart, Olacabs, Unicommerce etc. He is known for his penchant for ecommerce marketplace hubs. Having graduated from Wharton School of Pennsylvania, Kunal started Jasper Infotech in 2007. Needless to say, under his aegis, Snapdeal is on a roll.

Co-founder and CEO of Snapdeal Kunal Bahl attends a press conference in New Delhi on July 15, 2015. Snapdeal, India's fast-growing e-commerce website, announced the launch of Shopo, a zero commissions marketplace app. AFP PHOTO/MONEY SHARMA (Photo credit should read MONEY SHARMA/AFP/Getty Images)

Keep watching this space for updates on ‘highly active investors’……..Will be back tomorrow to feed your intellect…:)



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