The ultimate guide to the perfect landing page that converts-Part 2

Welcome to the second part of “The ultimate guide to the perfect landing page that converts.”

Have you ever wondered how your landing page should look like? If not, start exercising your grey cells. If yes, l am sure you shall find this post even more intriguing and now that I have got that so very clichéd yet so very true statement out of the way, here are a few points on “What should a landing page look like?”

Well, it depends on the context and the purpose. Before catapulting the features of the perfect landing page into the public eye, find answers to the following questions:

  • What is the chief purpose of my landing page?
  • Can the chief purpose be described in a couple of sentences or in a paragraph?
  • What are the actions that you are trying to elicit from your website viewers and visitors?
  • Do I have to include an action button for newsletter subscription?
  • How about including comments section?
  • How about asking the viewers to furnish their email ids and names?

Despite the absence of “one-size-fits-all” model, the following guidelines will throw some light on the ideal contents to be present in a perfect landing page:

  1. According to Conversion XL, it takes as less as 1/10th of a second to make an impression. It is a well-known truth that first impression is the best impression. People do not stay on your site if the content isn’t catchy. So, avoid jargon and keep the content clear
  2. Embed a 1-minute interview so as to describe the purpose of your website. This well keep your website viewers engaged.
  3. To persuade your visitors emotionally, incorporate hand-crafted illustrations.
  4. To develop a strong rapport with your viewers, use catchy phrases and infographic content
  5. Keep it elegant, classy, simple and high-converting.
  6. Readers generally hate reading long posts. So, avoid making your website visitors scroll down too far to reach the bottom of the page.
  7. Get to the heart of the matter and keep it concise.
  8. Content is the king and consistency is the key. Consistency in text size and spacing is must.

Text-only landing page

This has been the preferred choice for many online marketers. These do not include videos or graphics. However, these text-only landing pages may include a couple of images so as to catch the attention of your brain. Here is an example of text-only landing page.


Video-only landing page

Let me run some numbers for you- YouTube, Vimeo and other video sites have already become popular. Revenue generated through online video platforms is estimated to be around $600 million. According to the statistics obtained from eWeek, the figure is envisioned to stand at an overwhelming $800 million by 2019. Many successful digital marketers believe that a video-only landing page is a great way to explain the purpose of your products and services to your target audiences. I couldn’t have agreed more to this….So, do consider this option.


 Hybrid landing page

This is a combination of both text and video elements. My personal opinion is that you should definitely give a thought and I personally believe that a hybrid landing page has many benefits.


In the next part, I shall cover the benefits associated with the three variants of landing pages with some examples. Keep watching this space to stay informed and inspired…..:)

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