The 6 Traits of People “Born out of the Box”

And it all happened over a cup of coffee, the topic of what “CREATIVITY” actually means cropped up!! Where most of them considered it as being a good writer or a painter or a dancer, others simply identified it as being a born genius. Is that so?

The great Steve Jobs wasn’t born creative. He just had the courage to bring a revolution with a simple idea to get a computer in the hands of everyday people. It took thirty years to draw a masterpiece in thirty seconds by the legendary Pablo Picasso. Albert Einstein did tones of experiments before he could come up with the “Theory of Relativity”.

The fact is we all have some kind of genius which may not have been confirmed due to our life experiences. A little bit of mind mapping needs to done to let your creativity flowing.

The 6 traits of people “Born out of the Box”:

  • See Everything in Nothing: Such type of people tend to make a record of whatever happens around them. They are the keen observers and constantly take in information that comes in their way. For them, opportunities are everywhere and they try to make the most of it.
  • Solitude is the key: Where the image of a creative person is often identified as a loner, solitude can be the key to producing their best work. It is important to get in touch with one’s self to find the creative inner voice.
  • Unravel the mystery: Creative people love to seek new experiences and drive for cognitive and behavioral exploration of the world. Curiosity is what keeps them going!
  • Lose to win: They are not afraid of failures and continue to keep up their efforts until they succeed. Constant failures often give birth to creative work.
  • Move out of the shell: This happens with their habit of “Daydreaming”. It not only helps them to get out of their own limited perspective and explore other ways of thinking but also let go of the present.
  • Don’t settle easily: Creative people keep on looking for what they want until they find it, but don’t settle. Anything less than for what they have been looking for, makes no difference to them.

Creativity is one of the biggest mysteries in our lives. However, with a little effort and positive approach it can be explored. Just keep at it!!



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