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Hello readers,In today’s world where people opt for tablets and tonics as a cure for their ailments and neglect the time tested philosophies and therapies of  Ayurveda,but this is not true for Mrs. Rathi Kagalkar and Dr. Chetali Samant  who have started a venture named svaasth which provides genuine, practical and much required information on health and living through Ayurveda.lets see how they plan to make people fit the natural way ……


1.Tell us a little bit about “”.

Svaasth is a one stop solution to meet all the Ayurvedic holistic needs. Svaasth provides genuine, practical and much required information on health and living through Ayurveda. Large parts of our population do not know about the scope of Ayurveda and its unique, time tested philosophies and therapies. Svaasth strives to bring this age old ‘science of living’ in focus for today’s modern society.

Svaasth provides an extensive listing of Ayurvedic practitioners and Ayurvedic therapy/wellness centers to consult in your city. Currently the directory is limited to Bangalore, but going forth we plan to encompass other cities in India & abroad.

At Svaasth

·         We conduct workshops on Ayurvedic Healthcare & Lifestyle planning; our clientele being mostly corporate offices

·         We provide online Holistic consultations

·         We help in planning Ayurvedic holistic holiday in the best and authentic Ayurvedic resorts

·         We help you find the right place to buy Ayurvedic products


2. What inspired the creation of “”? 
Svaasth was born out of the dire need for a comprehensive and genuine Ayurvedic resource and as a path finder for the common road blocks faced by every one of us in finding the right doctors & solution to suit our health needs. Svaasth is meant for bridging the gap between Ayurvedic care givers and Ayurvedic care seekers.

Also, with misunderstandings being rampant, many believe that Ayurveda is good yet a slow, idealistic yet impractical healing system. Svaasth was born out of an urge to change this thinking and integrate Ayurveda into our modern day living and propagate it as the most holistic and safest system of medicine.


3. What is your target audience and why?
Our target audiences are individuals who seek Pro-active Health Care, Holistic Healing & have belief in Ayurveda.

Traditions are an important part of our society, and with changing times, traditions also evolve. We are bringing together a unique combination of modern day lifestyles and traditional Ayurveda treatments. Our well rounded information promises to help you find the perfect way to experience traditional Ayurvedic Holistic Healthcare keeping in tune with the modern day changes.


4. What is unique about your company?
“Svaasth”, in Sanskrit means “Health”, and is the basis of healing in traditional Ayurvedic medicine. Our team understands & values health as well as time of its users. Svaasth has a well-qualified team that verifies all information that is put up on the website to provide a genuine and excellent experience to its users. Svaasth’s policy of thorough scientific research, a strict refrain from unscientific claims and intolerance for unauthentic information is what sets us apart from others.


5. What problem does your company solve?
Need for finding a well- qualified experienced Ayurvedic practitioner and therapy centers, declining health in family as well as corporate settings due to unhealthy lifestyles, degradation of existing healthcare system due to the ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach are the common problems that are tackled head-on at Svaasth.


Svaasth believes that each individual is unique and hence requires a personalized & customized Ayurvedic care and lifestyle planning. Our team at Svaasth specializes in providing consultations, workshops, diet and lifestyle modifications etc. to help you live your life to the fullest!


6. Who are the founders and key team members?

Founder – Mrs. Rathi Kagalkar

Rathi is an Engineering Graduate from Dr.AIT, Bangalore. A person with diversity of experience has pursued a career in Information Technology for 11 years and previously worked with TESCO, IBM & ORACLE.

Co-Founder – Dr. Chetali Samant

Dr. Chetali has received her Master’s degree in Ayurveda (M.D., Ayurveda) from Gujarat Ayurveda University- the only university of Ayurveda in the world. Having practiced Ayurveda for over 10 years, in entirely diverse cultures like India and United States, Dr. Chetali Samant has experienced the myriad facets and the true meaning of Ayurvedic Health Care.


7. What relevant domain experience do they have?
Mrs.Rathi has worked extensively in the IT world with experiences spanning from technical to business facing role. Here at SVAASTH she easily merged together her professional expertise and enthusiasm for Ayurveda. Hailing from a family of entrepreneurs Svaasth fired her lifelong passion to turn entrepreneur herself.

Dr. Chetali has a specialization in the field of Mother and child care (Kaumarbhritya and has been practicing Ayurveda for over a decade. She has been honored with a gold medal for academic excellence during her postgraduate studies. She has been involved at grass root level work in regulating the education and training of Ayurvedic Professionals in the United States of America.



Educate, Empower & Initiate people into proactive and practical Ayurvedic healthcare solutions; and put quality Ayurvedic healthcare & care providers within everyone’s reach!



8. What risk are you facing?
As all startups dread, we worry that our idea and effort will be duplicated by other well known health companies.

One of the other challenging tasks ahead for the Svaasth team is winning the confidence of users by undoing misbelieves and ignorance about Ayurveda.


9. What is your greatest competitive advantage?
We provide a comprehensive platform that caters to a niche sector of users and providers of Ayurveda. Along with providing a thorough list of Ayurvedic Doctors & Wellness centers, we relate to your daily health needs and our write ups give well researched, scientific, simple and concise solutions to improvise everyday living, which will benefit health & fitness. Our highly qualified & dedicated team works solely on evidence based Ayurvedic health care approach.

We also provide our registered users unique diet charts; for example: How to understand if a Pilate’s session or aerobic workout will suit or harm your health or how eating out the right way can actually complement your body type and health.


10. What has been your most effective marketing technique?
We engage our users with the best offers and genuine information about Ayurveda, through our blog, social media updates, newsletters, online consultations & workshops. This enables us to give the best benefits to our viewers.


11. What outsiders have been most important to your business (e.g. Mentors, bankers etc?).
Dr. Samir K Kagalkar has been the key mentor for this venture.  Dr. Kagalkar is an academician, having 16 years of work experience spanning across corporate, management research, academic leadership and entrepreneurial areas.  Having received his doctoral degree from IIM, Bangalore in the area of Corporate Strategy; he co-founded higher education firm “eMBArkers”, which primarily mentors budding entrepreneurs.


12. What is your advice to young entrepreneurs starting today?
“They say a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. Take that step; don’t be afraid of failure. Enjoy the up and downs of entrepreneurship as you would the roller coaster …because at the end of it you will get off exalted and happy.


13. How has been your journey so far as an entrepreneur?
The journey so far for us has been FUN!!  It has been a personal growth & eye opener experience for us.  The positive encouragement responses from well wishers & strong remarks from our critics, propel us to work harder.

14. Where do you see yourself and your venture 5 years from now?
Svaasth will be synonymous with the word “Ayurveda”. We will be the One-stop-shop for all Ayurvedic Needs and Healing Solutions. Right from seeking Ayurveda doctors & Ayurveda services of your choice, to seeking the best Ayurveda diet and lifestyle plans and the best place to shop for all your Ayurvedic needs. We see ourselves as leaders in providing personalized Ayurvedic Health care information & demystifying Ayurveda and making it a practical and approachable system of medicine for all quarters of the society




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