Suno Khabar : The app which will read news for you, when you can’t

This is an era in which prosperity is much closer than what we think. We all know what we ought to seek, but it’s left to our own volition to take the first step. Mr. Nikhil Choudhary and Ms. Anindita De, the co-founders of Suno Khabar took comfort in taking the first step-they came up with a great idea after many hours of brainstorming. It is absolutely true that not everything that happens or occurs has an impact on our lives. However, everything that happens or occurs has an impact on our economies and commodities. In the light of such circumstances, it becomes imperative to acquaint oneself with the present-day and every day issues. The co-founders banked on this concern. Their far-sightedness and brilliance culminated in an absolute masterpiece- Suno Khabar. Within a very short duration of 5 weeks, the app has reached an estimated 1k downloads.




Suno Khabar is an app that essentially takes the most popular news stories of the day and presents them to the users in a curated list. It converts the written news articles into human audio format. This of course sounds a lot like one of a plethora of news curating apps as diverse as Feedly to Flipboard or the recently developed NewsInShorts. However, there is an endearing and differentiating feature –Suno Khabar has a team of professional voice over artists to read out the articles to users. This means that a user can plug in his/her headphones and catch up with the latest news and popular stories.  She/he need not take the trouble of having to read it for herself/himself. Thanks to the finesse of Suno Khabar, a user can acquaint himself/herself with important business pointers and contemporary issues.

Here’s how it works


Nikhil has a Masters in Engineering from Michigan State University and is a serial entrepreneur. Before venturing out, Nikhil had the prior experience of working with several small startups. In addition, he had the experience of working with large companies such as Siemens USA. Apart from Suno Khabar, he is the co-founder of two other successful engineering companies which have been in business since 2009. Anindita has a Masters in Information from University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. She is a senior Product Designer. She has been the master mind behind Suno Khabar App design. Before starting Suno Khabar, Anindita has worked with SAP America and Oracle America.

On the supposed subject of target audience, the co-founders opined, “Target audience is anyone that is interested in catching up with daily news, but is unable to because of the rut of daily activities. We find this app to be a huge hit amongst commuters, whether they commute by car or public transport. Our frequent journeys and time spent in commuting are bound to enervate and exasperate. Many of us like to make the best use of this time and charge ahead with renewed zest. Is there any better option other than listening to monotonous songs?  We pinned our thoughts on this idea. We came up with this app.  We started to populate this app to students in colleges. Following the same line of thought, we plan to reach office commuters through targeted campaigns at tech parks and train stations.”

Entrepreneurial journey has never been easy for the co-founders. At the moment, the co-founders are not focusing on making revenue. They are trying their best to strengthen their customer base. On the subject of monetization strategies, the co-founders quip, “We have a lot of feasible strategies up our sleeves.” To all intents and purposes, they are just waiting for the right time. Well, patience is going to pay rich dividends sooner or later!

Here are few wise words of counsel to all young entrepreneurs taken from the verbatim report of insightful conversation, “Examine your idea from each and every possible angle. Try to kill it in as many ways as you can. This is to ensure that you are not blinded by your idea. If it survives your attack, turn your attention to financing it. Make it a success. Experience the ecstasy!”

You can download the App here Download Suno Khabar

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