Success story of Viswanathan Anand

Whenever I read about Vishwanathan Anand, the renowned champion, what I feel is a sense of marvel.  I experience a great sense of exhilaration whenever I talk about celebrated personalities, Vishwanathan Anand being one of them. Right from a young age, Anand incorporated the right attitude to play chess with right technique and penetration. Born on December 11, 1969 in Chennai, Anand completed every milestone in schooling from Don Bosco Matriculation Higher Secondary school, Chennai. From a very young age of 6, Anand displayed his elegance and verve. From optimal to brilliance, Anand witnessed the heights of being India’s first Grand master.
AnandAnand is now an influential socialite with a broad smile on his face. Anand’s life is replete with twists and turns. His family members were educated and learned individuals. While he was in college, he decided to pursue a career in engineering. Moreover, his father and elder brother were engineers. This further prompted him to aspire earnestly for a lucrative career in engineering. He was also interested in finance and photography. He always relished exploring various domains. However, his inclination towards chess prompted him to take the right decision of mastering the intricacies and finer nuances of the amazing game. His mother was a gifted chess player and her tactics and strategies eventually helped him in realizing his potential.
Anand2One quality that distinguishes a leader from others is the remarkable ability to take correct decisions. This admirable quality of a leader is sure to bring laurels to his organization. This quality is clearly present in Anand. To master the virtues of decision making and diligence, a definitive way is to imbibe these virtues from Anand. Anand became a national champion at the age of sixteen. It is clearly an indication that people who are serious about chasing their dreams and passions should start early. Despite his tremendous success, reputation and supremacy, Anand is simple and humble. More often than not, all the established bigwigs and biggies are advised to stay down to earth and espouse simplicity.
Many reputed B-schools insist on cultivating the right attitude to experience and appreciate the essence of success. An indisputable way to stay vibrant in life is by treading the path of simplicity, patience and self-belief. Chess is a phenomenal game that demands attention to minute details. To all budding entrepreneurs, this ‘attention to detail’ feature is sine qua non. Achieving Grand Master stature is undoubtedly an uphill and strenuous task. However, Anand never gave up in life. This striking virtue will allow any aspiring person to emulate the path of glory.
Anand’s life speaks volumes about these gospel truths: Leave no stone unturned and move heaven and earth to scale the summit of excellence. Persist in your endeavors and you are sure to succeed in life.
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