Startup ideas that are still untapped in India

To revive the fortunes of a company that is on its tenterhooks, boomerang CEOs resort to extreme measures. Nonetheless, they always work positively to add value to the mission of the organization. For example, one may argue that the return of Steve Jobs was jaw-dropping and awe-inspiring for the tech giant Apple, the return of Kenneth Lay was grossly disastrous for Enron. Nevertheless, drawing an analogy is never desirable. However, prosperous CEOs tasted the delicacy of success by tapping the potential of employees. Lamentably, in India, creativity and innovation have taken a backseat. Only the virtue of ‘adherence to company guidelines’ is being tapped and these vagaries of guidelines have left the passionate global employers in disappointment. Armed with control, technical expertise and business acumen, more often than, startup CEOs are in for long stint. However, there are a few startup ideas that are still untapped in India:

  • Search Engines:

Google has entered the business lexicon and replaced the phrase ‘search engine’. More often than not, we use the phrases, “Just google it”, “Google the information”, etc. Despite the presence of other search engines such as Yahoo, Bing and Mozilla, Google continues to hold its aces in the search engine domain. Indian badass programmers emerged in credit several times only to be hired by MNCs. More often than not, they combine their ability with humility to withstand feisty challenges from other potential employees. Had a few visionaries tried their hands at ‘Search Engine development’, the results would have been exceptional and uncompromising. Well, that’s a big if!


  • Comprehensive Journalism:

At the very outset, it becomes imperative to understand the differences between comprehensive journalism and its counterpart – non comprehensive journalism. Comprehensive journalism is an umbrella term that extensively deals with the coverage of most of the major happenings in nook and corner of the world. Thus, it zero-ins to the concept of a ‘global startup.’ In India, there are umpteen startups that depend extensively on insightful content. However, they come under the gamut of local startups as they deal extensively on Indian every-day issues and niche categories.


  • Email:

Emails have become an integral part of every business. It is indeed a buzzworthy term that ascertains and initiates email marketing. To strike roots and eventually flourish in email marketing, companies have to fight against all the odds and skittle out competitors. Regrettably, Indian startups have failed in striking a nice tandem with customers in providing email services. Indian startups do not have the valor to fight neck and neck with top notch email service providers such as Yahoo and Google. An eyeball to eyeball remains a distant Utopian dream!



  • Music:

iTunes has been successful enough in drawing its first blood even after the advent of internet. However, the farcical truth is that internet has dispatched the music industry with disdain. There aren’t any niche Indian startups to fill the existing gaps.



  • Government Intermediaries:

Ever since the manifestation of India as largest democracy in the world, Indian startups failed to iron out the mental chinks. A visit to the tales of despair is never desirable. India is a country with many restrictions, rules, guidelines, policies and procedures.

Adherence to these subtleties and nuances is mandatory. To exercise the ghosts of carelessness and inaccuracy, Indian startups may solicit data from a few Government departments to quicken innumerable processes. Woefully, Indians have discounted this idea from their grey matter. People are forced to go cold turkey.

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