Some of the amazing marketing success stories of Indian startups

For entrepreneurs looking towards an unparalleled and seamless marketing experience, merging both professional and practical expectations, this insightful article on ‘Some of the amazing marketing success stories of Indian startups’ will serve as a training ground and as a launching point.  Well, it is not much of a secret to lay emphasis on the word ‘Indian.’ In fact, I am delightful to assert with immense certitude that Indian entrepreneurs are known for management shibboleths. They embrace everything from ordinary ethical principles to solipsistic delusions. Here is a quick run-down on “Some of the amazing marketing success stories of Indian startups”

  1. Once Again: Once Again is a Bangalore based NGO. It realized the importance of what’s worth fighting for and wanted all the people to realize the same. Once Again collects items that you no longer use and distributes them to the under privileged. It accepts anything but money. It launched an aggressive tagging campaign on Facebook by teaming up with Ogilvy One India to create social buzz. pic-2Its tagging campaign hit the social media pages with this perfect tagline- “Someone, somewhere needs your old stuff. Please donate.” What do you think was the outcome? It became the biggest tagging drive.
  2. Delhi Safari: Well, this isn’t a startup but it is an appreciable endeavor of Nikhil Advani. Delhi Safari is India’s first stereoscopic 3D animated feature film. This 3D animated feature film projected its ideal thoughts and growing concerns on deforestation and wildlife protection. So, how did Delhi Safari gain the traction of its audiences? pic-1It teamed up with Socio Square to create exciting Facebook pages. The Facebook pages were highly interactive and were replete with engaging content and captivating images.
  3. Bingo: Bingo was launched in the year 2007. This Snacks Food Indian brand has four sub brands in its portfolio. For each and every brand, it came up with catchy tag-lines. Want to know what the taglines are? Here I go:  Bingo! Yumitos– ‘Take a Yumitos Break’  Bingo! Yumitos Original Style – ‘Salt and Chilli Sprinkled’ Bingo! Mad Angles– ‘Har Angle se Mmmm’ Bingo!  Tangles– ‘Khaoge to Khilaoge..’ pic-3Bingo! Share a Tangle Campaign promoted peer to peer sharing by encouraging users to share Bingo tangles with five friends. What thus started as a simplistic campaign turned out to be a crowd puller. Viral marketing and social media marketing thickened the aura and Bingo became a household name.
  1. Parle G, ‘G’ for genius: Parle G took a cautious approach to its untried method. It invited Ruskin Bond, the celebrated writer of prolific books for its campaign. Parle G created a website and invited its target audiences- kids and their parents to check their quizzes, games and other engaging content on their website.pic-4 With Ruskin Bond endorsing the website, the campaign became an instant hit.
  2. HT No TV Day: Hindustan Times, India’s one of the most reputed and trusted newspapers reckoned its Mumbai based audiences to switch off their television sets and spend some quality time with their near and dear ones.pic-5 It leveraged Facebook marketing to come up with engaging online treasure hunts, helicopter rides, social workshops etc. This worked well as all the other cities came to know about the innovative gambit of Hindustan Times.

Keep watching this space for other amazing marketing success stories of Indian startups….


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