Some of the amazing growth hacking strategies every marketer must know

Growth hacking is a marketing technique employed generally in brand new companies or startups. Growth hacking is basically a way that very small or brand new companies use analytical tools to analyze who is using their product, and how, and then relentlessly pursue growth for their business. (source: Growth hacking is a revolution in digital marketing that allows an entrepreneur to outmaneuver his rivals and competitors by the virtue of ‘sheer smartness’ in the professional field. Many of the growth hacking strategies are intense and the considerable ingenuity is bound to enlighten and ignite the minds of customers.

Here are some of the amazing growth hacking strategies every marketer must know:

  1. Have to your credit a contribution of eye-catchy prelaunch pages:

Plunge ahead of your competitors and kick-start your momentum by having eye-catch prelaunch pages. It is worth mentioning that the items you list in prelaunch page are like ‘clay-to-be’ molded. The strategy is simple- Do your best to create hype. This hype creates the much needed traction. Steve Jobs, the former CEO of Apple Inc. was known for this strategy.


  1. Have an impressive list of good partners:

To provide additional utility to your customers, it is important that you integrate your products with reliable partners’ services. Make it clear to your partners that they will be paid according to the deals they cut. It works out to be a competitive environment with everyone jockeying for a large slice of the ‘cash cake.’

  1. Leverage your twitter profile for referrals:

It is highly likely that you may have umpteen twitter profiles. The immediate course of action is to link your twitter profiles with that of company’s profile. Suggest all the other employees to link their profiles with that of company’s profile. Do your best to have a good followers count. Leverage your own network of friends, family members. Bring in your Facebook friends and ask them to follow you on twitter.


  1. Crowdfunding:

In a beautiful irony, it is suggested to charge early. Don’t hesitate to charge reasonably a bit more than ‘break-even’ price. Nothing beats Crowdfunding business model when it comes to growth hacking. To get early traction and support for products, Crowdfunding is a sound marketing gambit. Gauge the popularity and fund your ideas externally.

  1. Creative writing:

Familiarity in this case is expertise. Tone is manifest in the writer’s use of words and syntax. A string of words, sentences spewing sarcasm would mean that the writer’s tone is sarcastic. Trenchant criticism, without any positive suggestions shows a cynical view. It is suggested that regardless of the approach you take to sensitize your target audiences, propose everything and oppose nothing. While irony could lean more towards humor, bite is inherent to sarcasm which is also a distinguishing feature. Here is an example that throws light on the plight of women in India, of-course in a satirical way:

“Raped. Body discovered. Soul scarred forever.” (source: Quora)

Every marketer should consider these strategies as responsibilities. Act upon your responsibilities. Be a trend setter and don’t be afraid to follow what you deeply believe in.

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