Simple tips to boost your video marketing

Videos lend artistic inspiration. Videos often reverberate  and vibrate in the chests of viewers. Almost every business benefits from videos and the statistics show that around 40% of people respond better to visual information than text. It is estimated that people view as many as 100 million videos online each and every day. Also, web pages with videos embedded in them are more likely to end up on the front page of Google. That being said, here are a few simple tips to boost your video marketing:

Duration of the video

I completely understand the temptation of video makers to cram too much content into one single video. However, it is recommended to keep videos under two minutes and the scripts should be engaging. Most of the Hollywood movies have two-minute trailer videos. They just create anxiety amongst the viewers. People end up watching the movie to satiate their curiosity. You may watch the trailer of Captain America Civil War trailer here.


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Sharing of the videos

Of course, it is obvious that you should share your videos on social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. It is recommended to share your videos on less obvious social platforms such as Snapchat, Instagram, and Pinterest. Well, there are a few restrictions on the duration of the videos that can be uploaded to such platforms. You have to edit the videos to reduce the duration. Remember, it is important to have a dedicated YouTube channel.

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SEO Optimization

It is important to have an attractive thumbnail. Thumbnails should be compelling and attractive. Do not hedge your bets on thumbnails that are irrelevant to your video content. Such thumbnails may draw the attention of viewers and the video may get more views, however, people lose trust in you and will not subscribe to your channel.

 Ensure that you optimize your title. Titles should have less than 70 characters or fewer than this. Do not forget to include Call to Action (CTA) buttons.

Let me mention the fact that YouTube allows as many as 120 characters for tagging. It is recommended to use all and leave none. Also, include captions to your videos. This will further optimize your video for search.

Do you want us to create an amazing video? Drop your comments in the comments section. We would love to hear from you. And yes, keep watching this space for further insights on tips to boost your video marketing. Cheers!

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