Should your business have a mobile site or mobile application, or both

The world is going mobile and digital. Access to internet is a foregone conclusion. There are a few other claimants, the strongest being the ubiquity of ‘Smartphones.’ Mobile applications and mobile websites are coming to the forefront. For a deeper marketing penetration and global outreach, mobile phones have become indispensable. What is important to you?  A mobile app or a mobile website or perhaps both? Are you having the one that resonates with your business requirements or do you deserve more? The duo of mobile app and mobile site make an interesting pair. Here are a few genuine reasons that zero in on your choice of having a mobile site or mobile application:

  1. Capitalizing on a platform:

If you have a non tech business, then it is best to have a mobile website rather than having a mobile application. A mobile website can be accessed on mobile phone browsers. A mobile website is customized to meet the requirements of touch-screen interface and hand held display. However, if your startup is based on niches such as app development and cloud technologies, it is best to have a mobile application.


  1. Breaking the jinx:

Android and iOS are the commonly used operating systems. Application development on Android is completely different from app development on iOS. So, if your train of thoughts is in a stalemate, it is best to have a mobile website. Later on, applications may be developed and deployed on both the platforms.


  1. Support:

When it comes to updating content and making necessary changes, a mobile website provides more flexibility. It is easy to fix any existing compatibility issues on a mobile website. An application may take a lot of time to fix any existing bugs and testing is a tedious process.


  1. Educating your customers:

If you wish to educate your customers about your brand offerings, then mobile website is your best bet. The user friendly interface may grab the customers’ attention. To all intents and purposes, a mobile website resembles a mobile application. So thumbs up for a mobile website!


  1. Offline access:

If you want your customers to have offline access to your content sans any Wi-Fi, with no second thought, an application is the need of the hour. An application makes much more sense in this aspect.


  1. Gaming:

If you wish to convey your company’s mission and objectives by interacting with them, the cosmos will ask you to make more of an effort to develop an application.


  1. Sharing ability:

When it comes to sharing content through URLs, a mobile website clearly has an edge over its counterpart – mobile application. An application cannot be shared easily. It has to be customized and downloaded.


To derail more fancied sides and to outclass fierce competitors, the thought of having a mobile application and a mobile website still lingers. Remember- the duo form an interesting pair!

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