SEO Tools to increase your Blog traffic

Pure content is not enough to merit a spot in page rankings of reputed search engines such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Yahoo etc. More often than not, bloggers bewail the forlorn blog hits. In such a scenario, SEO tools contribution in enhancing blogs’ traffic stands unparalleled. However, it must be kept in mind that you must regularly publish quality content. Otherwise, you can be your worst enemy thanks to the high standards that you set for your blogs.

Here is a detailed account on SEO tools to increase your blog traffic:

  1. Google AdWords:

This is Google’s advertising system in which advertisers bid on certain keywords. By leveraging the features of this tool, you can find out the keywords that are ruling the internet lexicon. In addition, you may enter your own keywords and find out their current rankings. While drafting quality articles, a best practice is to include all SEO keywords in articles. Global monthly searches and local monthly searches are displayed.

  1. Market Samurai:

Google AdWords provisions the users with impressive blog stats. However, the statistical information provided isn’t real time information. This drawback can be overcome by using Market Samurai tool. This tool allows you to do keyword research. In addition, it assesses competition. Market Samurai suggests keyword alternatives. You can go through their site and watch tutorials to make the best use of this tool. Remember, a little effort today yields rich dividends tomorrow. So, take the trouble of visiting their site to rake in the moolah!

  1. Micro Niche Finder:

Proponents of this tool consider it to be an alternative to Market Samurai. Micro Niche Finder was developed by a team of pioneers in the world of Internet marketing. Many bloggers consider it to be more performance oriented and more advanced when compared with Market Samurai. Micro Niche finder is well stocked with keyword alternatives. In addition, it lists competition and assesses it. Here is a recommendation- Use Market Samurai and Micro Niche Finder to increase your blog traffic.

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