ScoopWhoop: A 40cr venture in just 15months!!

Anger,fear,anxiety,joy,etc are just a few emotions that make content go viral on social media.If the content is able to trigger specific emotions, it’s all set to get contagious in no time!


Whacky listicles, pet pictures, infectious content with a tinch Indian flavor has what made SCOOPWHOOP ranked 170 among the Indian websites, beating the traditional news websites. Popularly known as the “Buzzfeed’s clone”, Scoopwhoop generated a buzz in just 15 months of being operational and made Indian media companies run for their money with its witty content, videos,etc. Scoopwhoop’s monthly traffic included 6.43 million unique viewers in August and 17 million page views(Source:Quartz).

Posts like: 10 ways to make your life go from boring to fun in 10 seconds, 11 signs that you are in love with city life, 14 reasons why you should leave work on time, 14 Indian politicians who will find their counterparts in the game of thrones, etc., not only went viral but were shared in large numbers on the leading social networking sites. Being featured in the top  national newspapers like the Times of India and Hindustan Times and even the India ink section of New York Times, it is now an emerging player in India’s digital-social publishing landscape.

Recently, Scoopwhoop  has raised an initial investment round of Rs10 crore (1.6 million) from Bharti Softbank (BSB) (a Joint Venture between Sunil Bharti Mittal’s Bharti Group (promoter of the telco Airtel) and Japanese billionaire Masoyashi Son’s Softbank). BSB  has taken a 36.50%  equity stake in the company giving the 15-month-old website an enterprise valuation of Rs40 crore. Bharti Softbank made the investment through BSB Portal Ltd. The partnership will combine the strengths of both—content creation by ScoopWhoop and mobile-optimized technology platform and distribution by BSB—for Indian consumers. The partnership combines the strengths of content creation by ScoopWhoop and distribution by BSB for  Indian customers.

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