RideOnCab : This startup brings multiple cab vendors under one roof

“What’s entrepreneurship, would you ask me? I had say, the propitious moments of glory that you cherish when you realize that you have achieved something poignantly beautiful. What’s the essence of entrepreneurship, would you ask me? I had say, the realization of sanity and sagacity when everything around you went haywire. What’s the quintessence of entrepreneurial professionalism? I had say, the relentless pursuit of carving a niche for my venture in the realm of enterprising coterie.”

—-Team MyVenture

Today, we bring to your knowledge, the success story of Sai Kiran A and Sai Kiran R, founder and co-founder of RideOnCab. “RideOnCab” is a product of Awesome Labs which solves the problem of existing cab booking system with its amazing idea and technology. Through “RideOnCab”, people can book a cab by a simple search, get the best price and service which suits their needs. The platform gives you access to the largest network of reliable vendors & cabs. It serves as a booking platform for customers and as a marketplace for the vendors. It works similar to the other unified e-commerce sites like flipkart, bookmyshow and makemytrip in the field of cabs.

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The so called active inertia is one of the many reasons why people pull themselves away when a new window of thought strikes their minds. What distinguishes streetwise intellectuals from less knowledgeable individuals is the ability to come up with new ideas and do away with ‘active inertia.’ Not surprisingly, Sai Kiran A and Sai Kiran R form an interesting duo of streetwise intellectuals. When team MyVenture asked Sai Kiran A to comment on the genesis of RideOnCab, he eloquently said, “The Idea of RideOnCab has come out of the problems that I have experienced whenever I travelled to other cities. I worked for an educational startup company, where I used to evangelize about new technologies in various colleges across India. Every time I travelled to a new city, I faced two common problems as most of the colleges are located in the outskirts. So, I had to depend a lot on cabs. I had to deal with these problems:

Problem 1: Finding a right cab from a quality vendor

Problem 2: Calling multiple vendors in order to find a cheaper cab as our company had a daily spending limit for travel.

This process used to take a lot of time to negotiate and book. This led me to think about a solution for this problem. I just gave a thought to it and came up with a solution “why not build a website which is a one stop hub for cab booking”. So I started to observe the market, use cases and I realized that this has a huge potential. The next moment I contacted one of my closest friend and we decided to do some more research and started the work on the product.

In the beginning, it took a lot of time to come up with a name. We had discussed a lot about what the name should be as most of the names that we thought were too complicated, so we thought to keep it simple. The basic intention here is to take a cab and ride. Eventually, we coined –RideOnCab.”

Target Audience

“You can’t cross a sea by merely staring into the water”- These wise words are apt for people who are scared to dive in to the ocean of initiatives. When it comes to taking initiatives and riding high on waves of progress, the founder and co-founder stand second to none. They kept working, re-working and fine-tuning their venture to win the hearts of their target audience- commuters.

Team RideOnCab

Team Picture Rideoncab

An intellectual may have a great vision. He may have all the necessary skills and attitudinal aptitude. However, to make a difference, he undoubtedly requires a good team. Needless to say, the co-founders are fortunate enough to have a bunch of go-getters as their team members. Here is the team composition:

  • Sai Kiran A (Founder)
  • Sai Kiran R(Co-Founder)
  • Srikar A (AVP)
  • Raghu K (AVP)
  • Jasmeet (Marketing Lead-IIMC)
  • Santosh (Marketing Evangelist)
  • Abhimithra (Marketing Evangelist – IIT Madras)
  • Kalyan (Sales–Vendor)
  • Sandeep (Operations)
  • Trilok (Product Developer)
  • Charan (Product Developer)
  • Akshay (PR)
  • Santosh K (UX Engineer)
  • Sharath T (UX Engineer)
  • Cheryl (Content Writer)

The day you stop working, you stop achieving

The clause attached with achieving is that you should never stop working. The day you stop working, you stop achieving. Thanking his family members and friends, Sai Kiran A says, “It wouldn’t have been possible without support of my parents, they are extremely happy and encourage me in what I’m doing. They are always ready to cheer me up whenever I feel low. For startup founder every day is a working day and we work like super heroes. We work 70 hours/week. Every day, I wake up at 8.30 am and sleep back at 4am. Yes 4 am J Our vision is to make every ride happy, hassle free and a comfortable one with us. Also we aim and dream to make every cab in India GPS connected and get every vendor under this platform.”

No matter what you feel, get up, dress up, show up and never give up

Before embarking on this venture, Sai Kiran A had been in a failed startup. “During college, we used to have a student magazine called “Student Freakers.” We made good business in the beginning. However, the ecosystem and the place where we ran the business were not conducive and we ran short of resources and sponsors. As we were still in college at that moment, we couldn’t move to cities like Hyderabad or Bangalore. So, the biggest learning is that the ecosystem should be conducive and one must master the art of conversing well with people. Ultimately, it all boils down to making your customers happy.”

Numbers and stats:

Here are a few numbers that bespeak the inherent meritocracy manifest in RideOnCab venture:

Launched ; 29​th Aug 2015

No of Bookings : 35

No of Users : 60+

No Vendors on platform now : 6

No of Vendors on board and in Process of signup : 24

Total Vendors : 30


Currently only Hyderabad , They have got vendors from Warangal and Vijyawada who are about to start soon.

No of Models : 20+ starting from Indica to BMW/JAGUAR/AUDI

Business value till date : 90000 + rs to vendors

Comfortable attitude towards learning

On the subject of maintain cool attitude Sai Kiran remarked, “It’s a roller coaster ride every day. People like me love to have a new experience each day and that is exactly what we end up getting every day. One vendor gives you a lot respect and ​the other vendor treats you like a guy who came to ask for a donation :P. We know what we are doing and we keep the spirit up always. Whenever I feel low, I go to a café have, tea/coffee and talk to myself, “Dude it’s gonna work, chill !!” and at the end of the day it’s all about passion and confidence. Its great till now and these 8 months of journey is a great learning experience I can never forget and I cherish every moment throughout my life. “

Key take-away

What thus is the key take-away from this sensational startup story is that one must believe in passion. It is all about doing enough research and finding the right team to achieve goals. Soliciting wise words and advices from customers will enhance your business prospects.

Team MyVenture reckons its readers to “Keep up the spirit! Your effort is sure to win.”

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