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Here’s our first story coverage on a group of students who dreamed of bringing a reform in the education system.

Let’s have a sneak peak into the lives of “” !!

1.Team MV: Tell us a little bit about classrebels.

Class Rebels: ClassRebels is a website + app where students and teachers can interact with each other, follow each other’s updates, ask questions, and upload and share educational content.

2.Team MVWhat inspired the creation of “classrebels”? 

Class Rebels: We believe that the whole idea of education is taken in the wrong sense. It’s become a misconception that studying is only about scrolling through the pages of your textbook the night before your exam. It’s not about that. Education is about freedom. Like Nelson Mandela said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” And that’s the dream we’re trying to fulfill. Making education not restricted to classrooms — instead of a professor talking to hundreds of students in one single auditorium, we’re providing both students and teachers with a place where they can interact with each other.

3. Team MV: Who is your target audience and why?

Class Rebels: Students and teachers.

4. Team MV: What is unique about your company ?

Class Rebels: Everything. There’s nothing we’re doing that anyone else is doing or has done before. Start-up culture, working all nights, and having junk might not be unique, but constantly working to develop education, making it better for both teachers and students, is definitely unique.

5.Team MV: What problem does your company solve ?

Class Rebels: India’s Human Resource Development.

6.Team MV: Who are the founders and key team members ?

Class Rebels: We have two co-founders and three other team members, but we believe in a flat management system, and all ClassRebels team members have an equal importance. Kunj Khurana, Sagar Chandna, Anand Chowdhary, Rohan Chhabra, and Gagandeep Singh.

7.Team MV: What relevant domain experience do they have ?

Class Rebels: We’re all students who excel in their desired fields. Gagandeep is studying Computer Science at the Jaipur National University and is one of our primary web developers. Kunj is a college-dropout, and does the market research. Sagar works on investor relations, and has been participating actively in two other start-ups previously. Anand was a freelance designer, and he’s now working as Head of User Experience, and Rohan, previously a freelance PHP developer, is also one of our primary web developers.

8.Team MV: What motivates the founders ?

Class Rebels: Passion for education.

9.Team MV: What is the biggest strength of your company ?

Class Rebels: Flat management system, and love for education.


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