ResearchFox : This promising venture is here to help the businesses take right decisions.

Steve Jobs once said, “A lot of times, people don’t know what they want until you show it to them.” About 70% of entrepreneurial problems can be assiduously solved by doing market research. Market research will bridge the divide between expectations and reality. We believe, “A lot of times, entrepreneurs hardly know how to do market research until they approach a Market Research firm.” ResearchFox is that Market Research firm that top notch organizations and amateur startups can pin their hopes on.

A few days ago, team MyVenture interviewed ResearchFox, the startup that is into Market Research niche and today, we bring to your knowledge the success story of it. Compelling vision, indisputable strategies, excellent industry practices, deep consumer insights and a highly talented team are the trademarks of ResearchFox.

About ResearchFox

Every technology company would be eager to know about where the technology market is heading? Where does it stand in terms of competition? And what are the other territories to explore to gain competitive advantage? ResearchFox, through its concept of Market, Competition and Growth tries to answer most part of these questions which are essential and crucial for smooth functioning of any business.


ResearchFox has been set up by Saran, founder, with a vision to make market research affordable, accessible and specific. To make this achievable, ResearchFox is trying to productize the entire research domain through its concept of Market, Competition and Growth. The company has introduced products called “ResearchCafe”, “EmergingCitiez” and competition study framework called “ResearchFox LAYERS”. ResearchCafe, as a product helps businesses to realize the technology market scenario, the ongoing trends and the future potential. EmergingCitiez assist businesses in deciding on their geo-expansion strategies. ResearchFox LAYERS shed light on the competitive environment (among the major companies) pertaining to that particular technology. Through these products, ResearchFox aims to breach the general notion of research being a cost intensive activity. This promising venture is trying to make research available for all at the fingertips at optimum costs. In a nutshell, ResearchFox offers simplistic granular level data to the businesses for right decision making.

ResearchFox- Wit and Wisdom

As we mentioned earlier, this venture is into the niche of ‘Research’. ‘Fox’ is associated with intelligence and diligence. These two terms align with the founder’s objective of disrupting the market with an innovative delivery mechanism which differentiates and disrupts. Thus, Saran came up with the term ResearchFox- a mash-up of the two words ‘Research’ and ‘Fox.’ Thus, wit and wisdom became the hallmarks of ResearchFox.

Riding high on the entrepreneurial wave

With perseverance, motivation and innovation, the team members of ResearchFox were able to tide over challenges and stay afloat. Conceiving the idea & convincing the internal and external stakeholders, about the idea of instant availability of research at one’s fingertips was in itself a difficult task, both internally and externally. Challenging the tried and tested conventional way of report delivery mechanism and inducing the idea of a digital platform for technology market review was indeed an uphill task which the team battled out with dedication and diligence.

Target Audiences

Any business which needs market information to support decisions is the target customer of ResearchFox. This venture categorically targets technology companies and reach-out to those individuals of the company who are the key decision makers (mainly the CXOs) by banking on various digital marketing initiatives.

Business Model

Currently, ResearchFox is offering services based on a subscription model. It is involved in research on more than 10 technology markets with a major focus on SMAC (Social, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud). It has successfully covered 100+ technology topics and is in the process of covering the entire SMAC and other emerging technology market in the next one year’s time.

ResearchFox is helping 50+ Fortune companies in achieving strategic advantage by assisting them in data driven decision making.

Team ResearchFox


ResearchFox : This promising venture is here to help the businesses take right decisions.

ResearchFox has an enviable team. Each member of the team is known for his relentless drive to challenge himself to be better and not settle for the status quo. This is what separates ResearchFox from its competitors. Here is a quick run-down on the management team composition:

Saran – Founder – Advisory, Market Intelligence, Consulting etc with experience of another startup and successfully run over 10 years

Kishan – Partner – Around 14 years of experience in Research reports, ICT consulting and technology market advisory

Pranab – Partner – Over 12 years of experience in Research services and packaging research offerings

Mission and Vision

On the supposed subject of ResearchFox’s mission and vision, Saran pleasantly remarked, “We want to be the preferred knowledge partner for companies ranging from startups to big enterprises.”

Advice to young entrepreneurs

Here comes the advice to all entrepreneurs from the founder:

– Follow your gut feel

– Be persistent on your goal. Give your life to it.

– Demonstrate inclusiveness in team by being transparent”

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