Reasons why Indian youth is inclined towards working in a startup

With growing entrepreneurs in the country, government of India has stepped in to provide assistance through the “Startup India, Standup India campaign. India is a diverse country with fresh ideas for a startup, however, most of the startups fail due to financial issues. So to this, PM Modi exhorted that at least one woman entrepreneur or Dalit or Adivasi must be boosted by bank branches. This will create a new network amongst the people of the country and in turn broaden the job opportunities. To all intents and purposes, India is emerging in credit and is moving towards a startup based economy. By 2020, around 250k people are expected to pursue their careers in startups.

While weighing on available options for jobs, candidates really get excited if they receive a job offer from tech giants such as Google, Facebook and Microsoft. They are cock-a-hoop at receiving a job offer from Proctor and Gamble, McKinsey & Company, Ernst And Young. While the names of these bigwigs add a lot of weight to the resumes of candidates, they shall be missing a bundle of joyous real-life experiences that a startup offers.

Here are a few of many benefits of working in a startup:
  1. Your presence matters:

In most of the startups, the average number of employees is around 50-100. A few startups may have around only 10 employees. However, in a corporate company, the numbers are bound to sky-rocket to thousands. In a nutshell, your presence cuts no ice in a corporate company. On the contrary, in a startup, your presence matters and so does your contribution.

reasons of working in a startup

  1. Learning from the great:

Most of the startup CEOs are known for their exceptional ideologies. They are visionaries in their own domains. The constant learning atmosphere is hard to miss in startups. The brainstorming sessions, mind boggling conversations and a cheerful atmosphere add sheen to the legacy of startup culture. In addition, you will learn to work in a competitive environment where your contributions matter a lot. You will be constantly mentored, tutored and honed to rise above the mundane.

benefits of working in a startup

  1. Weaving an intricate professional network:

By working in a startup, one inculcates the habit of viewing things from a different perspective. As a consequence, one can build a professional network of true blues and respect one another’s opinions. Your ability to focus on career goals also increases. Working in a startup is a stepping stone to your professional pursuits.

  1. Entrepreneurial skills:

Startups invest in feasible ideas. In addition, they invest in potential people. Managing a startup is absolutely challenging. It takes a lot of strength, mettle, verve and vigor. Every passing day should be productive. Otherwise, startups will not sustain. To surmount these adversities with a smile, one has to inculcate entrepreneurial skills. When it comes to fostering and nurturing such skills, nothing can beat a startup work culture.

  1. Learn the ‘Know-How’ of the startup functioning:

One can learn about startup registration. In addition, one can learn about financial management. One can master the nuances of topnotch business presentations and business plans. Also, one can master the skills that make potential investors always nod in the affirmative. Decision making skills and situation management skills are necessary to outclass competitors. In a nutshell, one can learn the ‘modus-operandi’ of startups.
working in startup

So, the next time you think about doing a job, consider the benefits of working in a startup. Use your will and discretion while taking a decision.

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