Quick Call – This startup has become the most preferred helpdesk partner.

‘Entrepreneurship’ is a word that requires no introduction. It is the epitome of the most sought after pursuits. Team MyVenture is always on the look out to popularize startup stories. Continuing our quest to transform the founders and co-founders of various startups into winnable celebrities, today, we bring to your knowledge the success story of Neeraj Tyagi, founder of Quick Call, a new age business outsourcing firm working for start-ups, SMBs, corporates &, exhibition organizers. Neeraj Tyagi’s journey as an entrepreneur has been characterized by indomitable will and unflinching courage in the face of dire adversities.

About Quick Call

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Quick call is a new age business outsourcing firm working for start-ups, SMBs, corporates &, exhibition organisers. This venture assists businesses by receiving and making calls for them. Quick Call specializes in business research, data mining, lead generation, meeting scheduling, back office coordination, vendor scouting and plethora of other activities. Quick Call is looking to disrupt the billion dollar BPO industry with our fast & flexible outsourcing solutions for domestic market, which is not run of the mill. For instance, Quick call helps online portals search and register sellers; attach drivers to taxi apps, telecounsel students, make invitation & reminder calls for events, 24×7 customised helpdesk, meeting scheduling and lead generation, recruitment process outsourcing and wide variety of other activities. Working for some of the hottest start-ups & biggest exhibition organisers of India, Quick Call has acquired more than 30 paying clients, made 3 lakh calls & has mined nearly 2 lakh data points in last 10 months. Its contracts vary from a quick 10 day project to yearlong processes deploying a single resource or a large team.


The major challenge of any business in today’s competitive environment is ‘Manpower’. From hiring to training, retaining to other direct & associated costs, challenges are immense. Quick Call was started to address such challenges. Quick Call offers flexibility in terms of the kind of work it does. There is no limitation of minimum process size and duration of contract. We have transparent systems to monitor the progress. You can employ Quick Call team for a small 2 day project or for a long multiple year contract.

Quick Call – A Customer led venture

Quick call solution has found audiences across the spectrum. For Instance, it has been darling of exhibition organizers, as they spike in all activities around the event time, in terms of call to be made, emails to be attended to, etc. Having full time resources for the whole year makes the business unviable and hiring a team for short duration is not business prudent, thus Quick Call becomes their preferred helpdesk partner.

Be it a two day job for a startup or providing telephonic counseling to the potential students of big academic institutes, or a full-fledged outsourcing deployment for corporate, Quick Call has been at the forefront of delivering unique solutions.

Some of Quick Calls’s customers are Fairfest Media Limited (Owner of brand TTF, OTM & Travel Digest), Indian Exhibition Industry Association, Nexgen Exhibitions, JIMS Group, Myrefers, Zillion Dreams, AHA Taxis, Muzikali, Easethebiz, Xpress Runner etc.

Why do customers make a beeline to Quick Call?

Domestic BPO market in India is dominated by BFSI, Telecom & FMCG etc. that outsource large and long term processes to companies like Genpact, Convergys, Serco etc. At the same time, smaller and short term requirements from smaller companies are not entertained by big BPOs which prefer to deploy their resources only for big and long term contracts. Small or medium business owner is left with no option but to hire an in-house team.

Quick Call solves this problem by providing quick, flexible and transparent outsourcing solutions to such customers. There is no minimum lock-in period and no minimum order value. Process may be as small as one day or one hour. Customers are always at liberty to pitch their problems. Customers enjoy the liberty to choose duration, budget and manpower for the job being outsourced.

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much”—Neeraj Tyagi


Quick Call_Team

Team QuickCall


Founder Neeraj Tyagi spends more than 12 productive hours working daily. Being the sole founder, he has to wear different hats, take care of all possible functions and track day to day progress. The only passion that drives him is his venture. If he gets some time off Quick Call, he likes to work out or play chess.

In a freewheeling chat with MyVenture, Neeraj Tyagi remarked, “Entrepreneurship has been an uphill task. It requires patience, hard work and perseverance. A lot of plans are being made, only a few are being implemented and still, fewer are successful. But with every small success comes an unparalleled sense of accomplishment. These small moments are the real fuel to keep up the fire of entrepreneurship. I have enjoyed every bit of my start-up journey. Being a bootstrapped startup, you face a lot of limitations in every aspect of professional and personal life, but an entrepreneur can enjoy them only if he has a clear vision of what he is building and how big an impact it’s going to make for times to come.”

So, are you elated and anxious to know Neeraj Tyagi’s vision and mission? Here is a quick run-down of the same:


The overall vision is to create an outsourcing hub where any startup, micro, small or medium enterprise can outsource all non-core functions of its business with a single partner. To start with, Quick Call has focussed its energies in providing solutions to issues which don’t require technical skills such as customer support, lead generation, meeting scheduling, inside sales, tele-counselling, chat support, data mining etc. It is only a matter of time that Quick Call may have technical resources that could be assisting other startups in customer projects’ tasks such as web development, software testing, online marketing and all other stuff.


Quick Call is on a mission to help every small business scale quickly and cover market rapidly without wasting time in hiring, training or retaining manpower in-house.

Some convincing and cognitive statistics

At present, Quick Call has monthly revenue of over INR. 3.5 lakhs and this is growing at a phenomenal rate of 25-30% month on month. It is anticipated to cross annual revenues of 8 million INR in financial year 2015-16.

Quick Call has acquired more than 30 paying clients, made 3 lakh calls and has mined nearly 2 lakh data points in last 10 months. Quick Calls’s contracts vary from a quick 10 day project to yearlong processes deploying a single resource or a large team.

Advice to young entrepreneurs

Neeraj shares his piece of mind for young entrepreneurs reluctantly as he feels he himself is on learning curve, “I would advise young entrepreneurs to spend more time with the customers and spend less time in doing networking events, meet-ups & conferences. Getting a perspective from mentors, role models and fellow entrepreneurs is good but in no way can it substitute the insights you get from your users or customers. Real experience of entrepreneurship begins only upon taking your product to the customer. The most honest and valuable reviews are those which are shared by customers and not anybody else.”

Team MyVenture’s advice

Entrepreneurship gives you an ownership which is an ultimate freedom in itself. Do not deny yourself the pleasures of savoring each and every moment of entrepreneurial life. Read our startup stories to understand the shibboleths of reframed insights on entrepreneurship. Cheers!

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