Promising Startup Sectors in India

It is inherent in young entrepreneurs in India, who take the route usually right after college, to venture into the field of their educational background. This explains the large number of technical and consultancy startups that have boomed over the last few years.

Catching up though, are two other fields – education and healthcare. Jeff Hoffmann, an American entrepreneur, mentions that these two sectors that are yet to attain full efficiency. He explains that the use of technology can aid the same.

Hoffmann also points out that marketing does not come to Indians naturally. He feels that Indians are doing extremely well but do not have plans to tap the global market.


Yet, there are many other fields that are gaining momentum. According to a research by Forbes, the most promising sectors for startups in 2013 were identified as – Translation services, home theater installation services, travel agencies, IT, digital forensics, e-commerce, online date sharing and social networking games.

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Many of these are sectors that would not be thought of initially, given the general prevalence of technical, consultancy and online commerce startups. However, with increasing exposure to the west, Indians are gradually integrating globally and venturing into promising sectors that have not been tapped into, education and healthcare remaining the most popular.



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