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Today we are in conversation with Mr. Pratik who is the founder of ,this site makes sure that you get a best each and every time.So lets see what Pratik has to say about it.


1.Tell us a little bit about “”.

Pricepaaji is a true price comparison website. We are all about prices! We give you local store and online store price comparison for electronic products and services in Mumbai. We took the idea a step further by providing hyper-local prices at your fingertips. By hyper-local we mean you can find prices at local stores in all suburbs in Mumbai.

2. What inspired the creation of “”? 

India is a price crazy nation. We Indians base our entire Buying decisions on prices. Pricepaaji was born from this need that we need to have portal where you can find and compare prices for everything. We have become one stop for both local and online prices. There is no one else who does this at our scale!

3. What is your target audience and why?

Our target audiences are all those people who would like to buy online, as any buyer would first like to compare for prices before buying.  And those people who are mainly interested in price comparison (both online and offline stores) itself for various electronics products and services.  Our location target audience is people who are in and around Mumbai area as we are currently focussing on Mumbai, Thane and Navi Mumbai areas for now.

4. What is unique about your company?

As said earlier Pricepaaji is a true price comparison website comparing online prices with those of local stores. We have a unique feature where you can call us on 25-11-55-44 and enquire for any local store price and we will let you know and also help you get best deal at the store with our tie ups. Recently we have expanded our horizons and now provide “Services” price list in Mumbai too. Some of the services we include are spas & salons, repair services and pest control services. We have around 40k+ products, 650+ brands, and tie ups with 2000+ local stores across Mumbai & 20+ online stores.

5. What problem does your company solve?

We give prices at your fingertips and so you don’t have to visit the store yourself may it be online store or local. At the same time our website provides expert reviews along with the user reviews; specifications and prices.  i.e. For a product or services is one stop solution.

6. Who are the founders and key team members?

Pratik Adani – Founder and CEO.

Pratik completed his Master’s Degree in Computer Science from USC (University of Southern California) and his Bachelor’s Degree in IT from VESIT-Vivekanand Institute of Technology (Mumbai University). He started his career working as Analyst and Software expert with a digital advertising company in the US before coming back to India and setting up

7. What is your greatest competitive advantage?

There are portals which offer just online store price comparison and are mostly with electronics. Also there are few portals which are into online and offline price comparison but with very limited categories. We are the only portal with wide range of electronic categories and services with online and offline price comparison on a single platform. We are like local price search engine for electronics and services.

8. What has been your most effective marketing technique?

We are startup and are looking forward to exploit internet for marketing- We are more into social media and other online marketing techniques along with few offline marketing strategies.

9. What is your advice to young entrepreneurs starting today?
Patience and Perseverance! Starting up is not easy and I would advise people to give a lot of thought before going forward. Startups have been glorified by media these days but fact of the matter is that it is a long battle and you need all the patience and perseverance to succeed.

10. How has been your journey so far as an entrepreneur?
Journey as an entrepreneur has been fast. Time has just flown by, have seen loads of ups and downs, have grown more grey hairs ,but it has all been worth it when I sit and I look back at what we have achieved. I think like all the entrepreneur I am proud of the work we have done so far.

11. Where do you see yourself and your venture 5 years from now?
Biggest Price Search and comparison Engine in India !

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