Prachi Garg’s ‘Superwomen’ showcases inspiring stories of 20 women entrepreneurs

The mark of a woman entrepreneur is how she conducts herself in the face of conflicts and adversities. According to OECD estimates, women account for 40 percent of entrepreneurs. Well, a couple of years ago, this figure seemed too trivial to quote. The nomenclature and status quo have however changed. The huge transformation in the mindset of Indian society in general and Indian women in particular would undoubtedly merit a diligent case study.

In this entrepreneurial age, where good books are all about making a point and satiating one’s appetite for knowledge, Prachi Garg’s Superwomen gives a roseate hue to one and all. We live in a country where people worship Goddesses with utmost respect and treat mothers as Deities. However, there is a fatal flaw if we do not add this ugly underbelly- Women are subjected to rape, torture, domestic violence and abuse. Women are thus subjected to a lot of social pressure. To make a point, when it comes to men and women, we can say vive la difference. ‘Women entrepreneurship’ now comes under the ambit of ‘Women Empowerment.’ Prachi Garg’s Superwomen brilliantly details out the life-stories of 20 women entrepreneurs who fought all the odds and immense social pressure in high spirits to emerge victorious in their entrepreneurial pursuits. Superwomen depicts the miraculous transformation of 20 women from powerless matrons to omnipotent entrepreneurs.

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Indian women are developing a taste for making a difference in almost all uncharted territories. From occupying a chair in the board room to breaking the glass ceilings, from nurturing a baby to nurturing a business, from being a loving wife to a caring mother, from being a passionate employee to a first generation entrepreneur, from supporting acid attack victims to empowering folk artists, from promoting eco-friendly products to innovative marketing, women are portrayed as God’s beautiful creation in Superwomen. You can order your copy from Amazon.

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Prachi Garg, is an avid traveller, women entrepreneur and a passionate writer. Known for her overwhelming empathy and practical wisdom that can only be ascribed to the stalwarts of entrepreneurship, she started to organize corporate tours based on the requirements of customers, budget and a complete array of other factors as well. Having delivered a great deal of workshops on entrepreneurship, she is considered ‘Flower waiting to bloom’ in her circle of friends and colleagues. She is a Computer Science graduate from Miranda House, University of Delhi. She also has an MBA from the prestigious Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai. She currently lives in Delhi and continues to pen-down her thoughts on the incandescent emergence of women entrepreneurship. Women should be revered and treasured.

Team Myventure’s best wishes are always with Prachi Garg and all women entrepreneurs. Cheers!

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