Planning to startup? Here’s a checklist

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Becoming a successful entrepreneur requires specific skills. Planning leads the list of ‘required specific skills’. One cannot deny that planning is required at every level of entrepreneurship. In view of increasing entrepreneurial pursuits, the absence of planning may render a startup baseless and meaningless. Business environment is predictably unpredictable. In the absence of a comprehensive checklist, entrepreneurs may be forced to keep their tasks at bay. Chances are high that entrepreneurs will be footloose for business pursuits. However, making decisions will be difficult. If entrepreneurs do not take correct decisions, the aftermaths down the line will be unpleasant.


The following handy checklist throws light on the necessary steps to be taken when planning to startup:

  1. Business idea
  2. Business plan based on your business idea
  3. Business pitch
  4. Mobile optimized website
  5. SEO friendly website
  6. A well maintained blog
  7. Registered Business name or Startup name
  8. Reserved corporate name
  9. Copyrights
  10. Business insurance
  11. Patents
  12. Registered trademarks
  13. Social Media pages
  14. Inventory
  15. Business phone/residential phone
  16. Financial plan
  17. Required business permits
  18. Desirable business licenses.
  19. Office equipment
  20. Office location
  21. Employee identification numbers
  22. Business cards
  23. Corporate Tax Account
  24. Strategic business alliance documents
  25. Co-founders agreement
  26. Non-disclosure agreements
  27. Sales tax number
  28. Business certificate asserting your business/startup
  29. Legal documents
  30. Safety equipment
  31. Human resources- documents asserting duties, responsibilities and obligations of employees
  32. Labor laws documents
  33. Order signage
  34. Order fixtures



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