Phrases that will kill your business pitch

There is to every entrepreneur something ineffably correct, idealistic and ambitious about the witticism- “Knowing what not to do is as important as knowing what to do.” Entrepreneurs often find themselves increasingly entranced by the sheer truth of this aphorism. Now that you have garnered the attention of the aforementioned gospel, let me emphasize that this particular article is all about understanding the breadth of implications of “Knowing what not to include in your business pitch.” In other words, this article throws magical spell on the most abstract phrases that will kill your business pitch.

boom-839833_1280Here is a quick run-down of the same:

  1. “We do not have any competition”

This is a perfect business pitch killer. The aforementioned sentence conveys two negative notions- Either you have not assessed your competition properly or you have entered an obscured niche. If you haven’t assessed your competition and who your competitors are, it is only a matter of time that investors ruthlessly mock your business pitch. If you have entered an obscure niche, your venture’s USP should be impactful. Otherwise, bid goodbye to your hopes of striking a chord with investors.

  1. “Honestly, our estimated value stands at XXX million”

If you were wondering what’s profoundly wrong in the aforementioned sentence, it is the unnecessary use of the adverb honestly. Just follow the modus operandi of staying to-the-point. If you use honestly, you are implying that the statements and claims you made earlier aren’t true.

  1. “Future prospects seem hopeful”

Prospect is a term that is always related to the future tense. Why do you want to use the phrase “Future prospects.” Just be articulate enough and a better way of phrasing the sentence is by discarding the word ‘future.’ “Prospects seem hopeful” sounds all the more crazy.

  1. “Our app is an instant hit”

Really? There are innumerable apps in the market and how did your app become an instant hit? Do stats testify your claim? If yes, is it an instant hit or did it take a lifetime? You must have raised some big money had your app been an instant hit. It is advised to remain in your wits and play by the rules of entrepreneurial game.

  1. “I haven’t tried this yet, I am sure this strategy works wonders”

You haven’t tried a strategy yet you are pretty confident that the untried strategy will work wonders. This is an oxymoron making you a moron in front of your investors. Just be sure and not un-sure.

Whether to include these phrases is really ain’t a matter of dispute. It is an indisputable truth that avoiding the aforementioned phrases will certainly place the odds in your favor. Keep watching this space for further updates…:)

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