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Phraseology – The new revolutionary wave on social media

*Ting *Ting (Received a message on whatsapp)

Option 1 – Good Morning
Hope the day is going well!
Could you spare a minute and share your thoughts on the plan shared yesterday?
Option 2 – Hey
Need a quick update on yesterday’s plan.

Well, people who are organised and believe in formal official conversations would not prefer the second option while talking to a client, but isn’t that a better expression?

Crisp and to the point!
You save time from all the stories and trust me your good behavior won’t get you a quick approval without a million iterations.

The reason we are talking about these phone messages is that the conversation in messages is simple and straight, doesn’t require any decoding. In a similar way, the message your brand gives out on social media or any digital platform should be short and sufficient.

Digital is the most important tool that lets you reach your millions and billions of fans. It helps you connect with them in the real moment.

The major challenges that brands face these days are:

  • Hooking up users to their properties
  • Small space to say the message out loud and hope it converts
  • A need for a new language that can turn objectives into success

Here comes ‘Phraseology’ to the rescue. It is the new wave of social media that is a start of a revolution for a better brand building. It is an art that lets you shorten your message without missing out on important information. In simple words, it is conversing in phrases.

The commandments that let you talk in ‘Phraseology’ are:

  • Every phrase is short lived. Do not repeat.
  • Smart and crisp copy catches attention; forget your grammar and syntax rules on social media.
  • Cool yet classy content is the need but should resonate with brand thought.
  • Do not miss the CTA – be it in words or emotional
    Here is a nice example of an emotional CTA
    Watch here
  • Action verbs is the key to a good copy

Agree with me?
Just an FYI, phraseology is not writing ‘K’ instead of ‘Ok’ as you are not gonna save enough time by doing so and it is still rude to reply in a single alphabet.

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