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Digital Marketing is the most precise and the most vital instrument of virality. Digital Marketing lets you convey the most complex underlying notions and nuances of your product and brand in stunning simplicity of expressions.  It is no wonder that Digital Marketing renders some of your target audiences’ potent minds nothing short of besotted. And yet, the joy of learning digital marketing isn’t an esoteric pursuit reserved for a few. You can experience the supreme and universal delight of learning digital marketing from these online resources:


HubSpot is an inbound marketing software platform. HubSpot helps companies attract buyers and turn traffic into leads with compelling offers. It encourages companies to create content and subsequently optimize it for search engines. The optimized content is then shared on various social media platforms. If you want to master the art of engaging your prospects with eye-catchy landing pages, calls to action, personalized emails and website designs, HubSpot is your best bet.


Simplilearn is an online educational hub for professionals. It creates course programs, exams and lab projects and helps professionals complete various certification exams. Simplilearn has the best self-learning and online training resources. Apart from this, Simplilearn courses are upgraded continuously to meet industry standards. Some popular courses coming under the aegis of Simplilearn are YouTube and Video Marketing, Digital Marketing Certified Associate, SEO Specialist, PPC Specialist, Social Media Specialist, Full-stack Digital Marketer etc.


I often feel, hardly anyone has captured the mesmerism of blogging and digital marketing more beautifully than MyVenture. MyVenture has an assortment of insightful content that deserves your ‘unicornly’ attention. From everyday startup tips to video marketing and video making, from much talked about success stories to the wide appeal of celebutants, MyVenture covers everything and leaves nothing. If you want to learn more about the digital courses offered by MyVenture, drop a line in the comments section.

Business 2 Community

It was in the year 2012 that Business 2 Community established itself as one of the most popular business blogs on the web. If you wish to gain tremendous insights on both Business-to-Consumer (B2C) and Business-to-Business (B2B) perspectives, nothing comes close to Business 2 Community. There are more than 10000 expert contributors contributing on industry news, trends, real-life experiences etc. To wrap it up, it symbolizes ‘Maximum learning through minimum language.’


The moment you visit Udemy, there is an unmissable line that reads ‘Our mission is to help anyone learn anything.’ Perhaps, the line couldn’t have conveyed the information better. Udemy is an online learning marketplace where more than 10 million students have registered themselves in various courses. From programming to yoga, from photography to digital marketing, Udemy has more than 40000 courses under its aegis. Each and every course is taught by subject matter experts and hence, students can learn anything at their own pace and on their own device.

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