Now Delhiites can book auto with this App

Have you ever thought of an App that could book Autorickshaw just like the way you book a cab ??

Yes there is an app called PoochO – “ I call it the desi version of uber” which makes your traveling in Delhi more convenient. Delhi Integrated Multi-Modal Transit System (DIMTS) has come up with this mobile application for smartphones

Using this app, you can see the location of the autos nearest to you and call the auto drivers directly on their personal mobile nos. and book your trip (Now that’s something you dint expect ). You don’t have to stand on streets looking out and shout for the autos !


NOTE : You don’t have to pay any extra money for booking an auto through PoochO.

Not only this, the application will also facilitate you by providing information such as estimated fare, trip distance, travel time as well as the traffic condition on the route.
As per the description given on the official app page ,PoochO comes with the following features :-
The application will give the following information:

Location of the Auto: Users can view the location of the autos nearest to them as well as the distance of the auto from the users’ location.

Call the autodriver: Users can call the auto drivers directly on their personal mobile nos. and check if they are free and willing for a trip.

Estimated Fare: Users can get the estimated fare of their trip by feeding in their origin and destination points.

Estimated travel distance: Users can also find out the estimated travel distance by feeding in their origin and destination points.

Estimated travel time: The app will also give the estimated time of travel on feeding in the origin and destination points.

Track the auto: Users can track the auto and check if it is coming towards them or not once the booking is confirmed.

Send user location: Through the app the users can also send their location details to the auto driver if they are unable to explain where exactly they are waiting.

Alternative routes: Using google maps users can also see alternative routes and the distance from origin to destination.

Feedback: Give feedback of the service and suggestions for improvements of this app through various platforms such as facebook, sms, etc.

At the time of writing this article PoochO had 10,000 plus downloads with an average rating of 4 stars .

The latest version has additional features like
1) Information on cluster buses in Delhi
2) Detailed traffic information at the instance at any point in Delhi.
So what are you waiting for ?  download the app and start PoochO ing !!


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